10 Questions With Anuradha Ghoshal

10 questions The following is an interview with Anuradha Ghoshal, Program Communication Manager with Compassion East India.

1. How long have you been in your current position, and what are your main responsibilities?

I have been in this position for the last three years.

My main responsibility entails supervision of the three core processes for Program Communications: Field Communication, Sponsor Donor Services and Tours and Visits.

Besides that I am responsible for communication with Global Partner Alliance (GPA) staff, mentoring my team, budgeting and working alongside the country management team (CMT).

2. Describe what an average day is like for you.

An average day starts with the corporate devotion. It is followed by attending to my “To Do List” where I address each request, need or assignment based on priority while also following up during a morning briefing on any pending work assigned to my team members.

The later part of the day involves meeting with the Country Director and/or other CMT members for updates, approval or planning.

3. What is the best part of your job, and what is the most challenging part?

The best part of my job is when I am able to represent the work of Compassion in East India to visitors from overseas in a way that moves them to become strong advocates for children. It gives me pure delight to take them around the child development centers we work with and show them the tangible difference Compassion is making in the lives of children coming from impoverished communities.

What better feeling can there be than to see vibrant young boys and girls emerge as healthy, confident, outgoing children ever glowing in the love of God, which would otherwise be hard to imagine in their given circumstance.

In the light of growth that we are experiencing from the past few years as God so graciously has opened new avenues for us to expand and touch more lives, sustaining quality in our work can be quite a challenge.

4. Why did you choose this particular area of work?

I started out with a job in a renowned chain of hotels only to realize with years that my heart’s desire was not fulfilled, as all I was doing was achieving targets and pleasing those who already had enough.

Having done my major in Human Development, as I had a desire to work with children, this working in the private sector for eight years was no longer fulfilling for me.

Coming from a strong Hindu Brahmin background, I found myself in Christ in 2003. Thereon, I was exposed to various outreach ministries from my church, primarily to do with children.

Working as a volunteer with the lesser known from the society was a privilege and an eye-opener which put a deep burden in my heart to reach out to them and make a difference by showing them God’s love, who otherwise were considered insignificant.

5. Why did you choose to work for Compassion?

I felt my calling was to do something for children, and God graciously opened the avenues for me through Compassion.

6. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your job?

When too many things needs to be attended simultaneously, it does get overwhelming at times. But with God’s grace I am able to pull through all of that.

Also seeing children leave before completing their term in the sponsorship program is heartbreaking. But I need to accept this reality, which is circumstantial, and move on, praying God will go with them and cover them with His grace.

7. What motivates you in your position?

To see hope in the eyes of children who have absolutely nothing in life and to see dedicated people choosing to leave their comfort zone to come and work among the impoverished, with very limited resources in hand, humbles and challenges me each day.

8. What have you learned as a result of your job?

When I look at the abundant need around, my faith in God and His awesome power gets grounded more firmly in me.

Amidst great dearth, neglect and poverty His love is manifested through the help little children receive at Compassion from their sponsors around the world.

All this has made me more determined than ever, that, slowly but surely we can make a difference in someone’s life, one at a time.

9. Tell us about a situation or incident you experienced through your job that touched your heart?

Once I was following up on a child’s update and came to know that he had been paralyzed for sometime and stopped attending the Compassion center due to his illness.

We followed up on his treatment’s possibility and the center staff tried to convince the child’s guardians to send him to city for a treatment by which he would most certainly get cured.

This was the most challenging part as the guardians were so under the bondage of old traditional practices where they would rely on local village quack doctor and witchcraft.

This went on for a few months. In the meantime, the child would write to his sponsor on and off with the help of his young friends, expressing himself longing to be normal again and run around like his other friends, go back to school, as he enjoyed studying.

It used to be so touching to read his letters. The guardians never did agree, and the child had a pitiful death without receiving any medical care.

I have not been able to quite come out of this as I know there are many such cases all around the world, and we have a greater responsibility to reach out to these children.

10. Do you have a message for sponsors who support children?

I just want to thank them for being an extension of God’s arms in reaching out to these children and supporting various programs of Compassion by overcoming innumerable personal sacrifice.

They are making a big difference, impacting a generation, and touching lives which would have otherwise continued to live in despondency. They are the very reasons for hope and opportunity in their life. They are making a difference for Christ!

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  1. Rose June 1, 2010

    What a sweet blessing to see Anu and read her story! My husband, Rick, and I were also on the Compassion India tour in 2007. Anu, Jaiashree, Andrew, Arnab, Samata, Mr. Lun and so many others made this for us a never to be forgotten experience. They did an incredible job, herding our group of 50 through all manner of memorable adventures. Our most loving thanks from the core of our hearts. And Anuradha, if you read these, just know that tour changed our lives forever. I spent two weeks at our children’s homes and God took me through 3 states to see our precious children in March/April 2010! In the last three years we have two more sweet children. Thank you for being on the front lines for our kids. We love you, our precious brothers and sisters!

  2. Marcus Makaiwi August 3, 2009

    I just returned from an internal audit of the E.I. Country Office, where I had the privilege of meeting Anu and the rest of the C.O. staff. What a blessing it was to me to witness the way God is working in that office. It was a privilege to meet Anu and now to read as she shares from her heart with us. Thanks to Jebaraj, Jancy, Jaiashree, Kakoli, Henry and the rest of the E.I. staff for your hospitality. I praise God for the opportunity to witness first hand the exciting work He is doing through you.

  3. Stephen Reid May 15, 2009

    I met Anu.in 2007 while on Com.Int.trip.Her and Jaiashree
    and all the staff in E.I. made
    our visit very special.Love you

  4. Jess May 9, 2009

    Dats my beautiful Anu! I am so proud of her.I bet God is more proud!

  5. Cathy May 9, 2009

    What a Blessing to read about another Angel of Compassion.

    I was encouraged and thanks for sharing.

  6. Geri May 7, 2009

    These Q & A are great! It gives us a much better understanding of how things work and the problems our kids face. Please keep them coming!

  7. Juli Jarvis May 7, 2009

    Very touching story — I so appreciate you sharing and also opening up to us so much from your heart. Thank you for answering these questions in such a personal & meaningful manner.

  8. Dwight May 7, 2009

    I like this type of Q&A it helps to understand the leaders and workers from around the world.

  9. Kim Edge May 7, 2009

    Oh God, bless dear Anuradha, strengthen her in doing Your work, and heal her heart from all sadness…open the hearts of all who are still in bondage to darkness and sin to the light and love of your Son, Jesus Christ, who welcomed the little children to Him and welcomes them still. Amen

  10. Vicki Small May 7, 2009

    Ripples. Someone reached out to this marvelous woman and brought her to Christ. She now touches the lives of her co-workers and many other people in the course of her work. And the “chain of grace”* continues.

    *(Title of a song by Dallas Holm)

  11. Mike Stephens May 7, 2009


  12. Amy Wallace May 7, 2009

    Working with Compassion would be the best job ever!

  13. Compassion dave May 7, 2009

    I love these Q and A’s. Would like to see more of them

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