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10 Questions With You

You’ve asked questions of Wess. [3]

You’ve asked questions of Edwin. [4]

You’ve asked questions of Anthony. [5]

And we’re tired of all the questions. :-) WE WANT some answers.

How about it?

  1. What’s weird about you?
  2. How did you choose your sponsored child?
  3. Why do you care about children in poverty?
  4. How many of these questions do you think that we think you will answer?
  5. Can you pronounce your sponsored child’s name?
  6. Do you think your sponsored child can pronounce your name?
  7. What do you love most about the person you are closest to in life?
  8. Can you name three ways, other than Child Sponsorship, that we use to help release children from poverty in Jesus’ name? If yes, name ’em
  9. Why are you involved with Compassion International instead of another organization that offers similar programs?
  10. What’s normal about you?

We haven’t forgotten the questions you asked Dennis [4]. We’ve just forgotten the answers. We’ll get ’em to you eventually. Sorry for the delay.