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Remember Kamrul, the cycle van driver from Bangladesh you helped buy a cycle van for? Well, David Adhikary is the fine field communication specialist in Bangladesh who reported that story for us. That was one of his first assignments — he just started at Compassion Bangladesh in January. What a nice welcome you gave him!

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This is the story of how our beloved president, Wess Stafford, traveled to Washington D.C., rubbed shoulders with the mighty and powerful and still managed to return home the same humble man that we adore.

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Sep 27 2008

I Gave a Gift

I gave a gift to my sponsored child and . . .

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Sep 26 2008

Our New Blog Banner is Here

Hey! Remember way back in mid-August when we asked you to join our Flickr group and to upload photos.
Do you remember that we also said, “It’s time to change our banner. And we want the next photo up there to be yours.”?
Well…we did. And you did.

22 people joined the group. (And we still have room…

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Haiti children

Compassion started its ministry in Haiti in 1968. At that time, we worked directly through the missionaries established in the country while maintaining no country office or local staff. But through the years, our structure has changed as more and more children have been registered in our programs.

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Setting: Sitting in the arms of the big Jesus statue in the Compassion foyer. Eyes closed. I’m so tired.
Last week was quite the whirlwind. But oh the productivity! Let me just tell you, we’re moving forward! As you may remember, after delivering the business proposal at the end of my internship, I was…

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Hello friends! Glad you’re here.
I haven’t met all of ya yet, but I do knows a lot of ya. If you’re new to our blog, please leave a comment, I’d consider it a privilege to make your acquaintance.
So that you feel welcome, let me introduce you to a few of the folks who are…

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We need Compassion sponsors that do not have web accounts to do some user acceptance testing for us. Wanna help?
If yes, leave us a comment and we’ll contact you with the details.
Here’s some of the basic 411.

The testing will take about 30 minutes of your time.
You must be a sponsor who doesn’t already…

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Remember when I told you about my new job? I’ve been doing it for several months now and so I feel like I’ve gotten a pretty good grip on things. Well … as good a grip as one can have on a job that depends entirely on world events. And oh my word, the world…

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Sep 20 2008

One Million Dollars

If I had one million dollars to use in the fight against poverty, I’d . . .

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In honor of the one month anniversary of my visit to the King’s Children Ambassadors Student Center (ME-730) and the Jesus’ Friends Student Center (ME-737), I finally have some video for you.
I wouldn’t call the cinematography enthralling. It’s kinda got an “old Aunt Betty filmed a home movie” feel to it, but despite that, I…

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Sep 18 2008

Promote Our Blog Widgets

Uh, yeah. Hi. How ya doing?
Umm…oh, this is so hard. It’s kind of embarrassing.
We have a friend, who has a blog and all, and we were wondering…uh, he was wondering if you’d be interested and willing to promote our his blog on your site.
We He made some blog candy for you to…

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The Compassion Bloggers are at it again.
Uganda last February. The Dominican Republic this November.
Here’s who’s going. Go ahead and get familiar.

Jennifer Donovan – 5 Minutes for Mom
Mary Ostyn –
Tim Challies –
Marlboro Man, from
Melanie – BigMama
Shaun Groves – Shlog

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Do you love your sponsored child? Really love your child?
We already know I’m an emotionally disconnected person, so help me out here.
Explain to me how you know that what you feel for your sponsored child is actually love.
Come on y’all. I want to know what love is. Sing it.

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Sep 17 2008

Returning Grace

Story by Barb Liggett, Global Strategy Office Intern

When those with nothing are given enough, they will give back to those who have nothing. This is a foundational belief of Compassion as an organization, and nowhere does it resonate deeper than in South Korea, which is unique as a partner country because of its former status…

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Story and photo by Emily Rogers, Assistant Editor, Global Internal Communications

There was hardly a dry eye in the auditorium of the Global Ministry Center (GMC) after the Tanzanian Children’s Choir sang on Friday afternoon.
“I’m here for singing and telling people the love of Jesus through gospel songs,” says Compassion-sponsored Hawa, 14, whose joy…

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Sep 16 2008


Remember the Tanzanian children’s choir I wrote about in my last post? Well, it turns out that their matinee performance that day was only a taste of what was to come — an actual full-fledged concert at Friday’s chapel.
And what I thought was powerful and moving at lunch barely compared to what I experienced…

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Selvie, a 41-year-old single parent, has been serving as the coordinator of Elohim Child Development Center for almost two years now.
During her first year at the center, Selvie had been facing obstacles, which came from both her own family and the community around the center.
She had to take care of her two…

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My sponsored child has changed my life . . .

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Wanna peek into my e-mail inbox?
I have the great pleasure of “talking” (read: e-mailing) each day with some of our great staff around the world. They always challenge me with their perspective.
I’ve been reading along with all the posts and comments about visiting your sponsored child, as I weigh the decision of when…

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Sep 11 2008

Why Am I Here?

As you may have read recently, the Global Leadership Forum has been in progress all week and all the “big-wigs” are in town talking about . . . stuff. I don’t actually know what they are talking about because I wasn’t invited. But I’m pretty sure that my lunch on Tuesday was better than…

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Your curiosity about out country staff is exciting, and again we have 10 questions that will inform and inspire you to help fight for children in poverty.
We asked Roberto Medrano, communications and tours specialist for Central America and the Caribbean and a member of our El Salvador staff, to answer some of your…

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Sep 9 2008

Commit This

More ‘fo from the FO-rum
Commit this to memory. It’s what we commit to, for you.
We commit to:

teach and live out the Way of Christ, developing children into lifelong disciples of Jesus
mobilize and equip the Church to be effective in ministry to children
commit to continuous improvement in our program design and delivery
engage with each…

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Integrity is another one of our core values. But what does that mean? What is integrity?
“Integrity means doing the same thing whether people are with you or whether you are alone.” – Ed Anderson, senior vice president and chief financial officer
Integrity doesn’t just apply to big decisions. It also applies to your small decisions.…

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If we want to change the world, we must begin with ourselves. If we, the Church, don’t do it, it won’t get done. If we want to change the Church, we must begin with ourselves. It is an honor for Compassion to walk alongside the Church. To accompany the Church as it helps bring the…

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