Bludgeoned by an Ax at the Hands of Her Husband

Bludgeoned by an ax at the hands of her husband, Solomon, Chandrakanthi lay on the floor bleeding. She screamed, “Help me, please help me!” It was almost an hour before anyone came to her aid.

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One Step Forward: Working as a Team

Our staff and church partners in Indonesia benefit from the collaborative effort between Partnership Facilitators (PFs), Sponsor Donor Services (SDS) and Training Specialists. By working together in unity, we help one another succeed in our individual roles.

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Ministry Highlight: Bangladesh

Compassion began its ministry in Bangladesh in June 2004 with the Child Sponsorship Program, and the Child Survival Program began in 2010. The year 2010 also marked five years of ministry in Bangladesh as well as registration of the 15,000th child.

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Surviving a Drought: A Single Mom’s Story

The drought that affected the Maasai area in Tanzania was severe. Because of the drought, Nooltetan lost all of her cattle and was reduced to poverty.

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Isn’t 30 Years Enough to Learn How to Prevent Catastrophes Like the East African Drought?

The legacy of the 1980s lives on, for better or worse. The most disturbing aspect of this is the horrifying stories of African mothers walking for days through the desert to beg a handful of grain; of tinder-dry crops and emaciated cattle shrivelling under a merciless sun; of children dying for want of food as the world looks on through their big screen TVs

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Who Are the Diamonds in Your Community?

The House of Diamonds Student Center in El Guanabano, Honduras, serves people whose livelihood is found in garbage. But that doesn’t mean they’re garbage themselves.

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One Step Forward: Computer Literacy in Ghana

Bringing technology to the town of Kpone through the Bethel Presby Child Development Center has brought much excitement. This community is taking one step forward out of poverty by learning the technology that is so prevalent in today’s world.

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Planning for the Unforeseeable Future

What happens to a sponsored child when the sponsor passes? Do they go back on the waiting list? How is that child taken care of?

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Waiting … and Waiting for a Sponsor

Each child who got a sponsor would be so excited and proudly show their pictures and letters to the other kids. Rabbi kept waiting for that to be him. And he kept waiting and waiting as the line of kids who needed to be sponsored dwindled.

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Ministry Highlight: Indonesia

Compassion began its ministry in Indonesia in 1968 with the Child Sponsorship Program. We started the Leadership Development Program in 2005 and the Child Survival Program in 2009.

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