What Nightmares are Made Of

This slum is what nightmares are made of. Filled with what gifts are made of.

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Letting Go of the Right Dream

Poverty is a strong force. And it’s lies cripple.

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Grace and the Lord’s Resistance Army

Freedom came for Grace when soldiers from the government raided the Lord’s Resistance Army camp where she and her mother were being held. After this, for seven years, they moved frequently, looking for a place to live.

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Follow Us to Uganda! (Again)

It’s our five-year anniversary of Compassion Blog Trips. It all started in Uganda. Did you know that you’re the reason we get to celebrate five years?

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Compassion Bloggers are Going Back to Uganda

A team of Compassion Bloggers will be in Uganda from January 27 through January 31, 2014 marking our fifth year of blogging for children in poverty.

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Five Ways to Take Great Photographs of Kids

How can we take photographs of people that treat them with dignity? Here are five ways in which our photographers strive to take great photos of kids.

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The Love of Literacy

When a church in Bolivia discovered many of the mothers enrolled its Child Survival Program couldn’t read or write the official language of the country, it acted. This is what the church did.

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A Culture of Bride Abduction

There was quietness in the wind as Munk recounted her story of pain, betrayal and abandonment. She lifted up her hands, tanned and sun-beaten, to wipe away tears from her eyes.

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What Is Child Sponsorship, Really?

Child sponsorship is about participation. Sponsoring a child is an exciting, humbling, invested experience that really is changing the world — one life at a time. #SponsorChange

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Girl, 13, Says No to Child Marriage

The thirteenth year of a girl’s life should be a sweet time. It’s certainly not the time to get married and have babies.

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