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Compassion Haiti’s 40th Anniversary

compassion-international-haiti During the 40 years of our ministry in Haiti, thousands of young people have committed themselves to Christ. Many of those young men and women have won their parents and many other people from their communities to Christ by their commitments and Christian attitudes.

“Compassion Haiti is a reference and a light house for the Haitian population.” — Guilbaud Saint-Cyr, country director for Compassion Haiti

Compassion started its ministry in Haiti in 1968. At that time, we worked directly through the missionaries established in the country while maintaining no country office or local staff. But through the years, our structure has changed as more and more children have been registered in our programs.

Compassion Haiti has grown through the years in all levels.

Compassion trains and equips local evangelical church partners to administer a broad range of child development activities from child survival to child sponsorship [3] and leadership development.

Our Leadership Development Program (LDP), launched during the past 12 years, is having incredible effects on the Haitian society.

Among those is Abel, a former LDP student, who grew up in a slum but doesn’t live in one anymore. Abel is 27 years old and a university graduate in business management. Among the five children in his family, Abel is the only who has a university degree. The encounter of Abel with Compassion has changed his and his family life for ever.

“Like many other young men, I would probably be a gang member if it were not for the Compassion program in the community. People treat me with much respect, and they are also proud of me. I want to take advantage of that opportunity to make an impact in the community.”

The level of education provided by Compassion has made a great difference in the academic performance in the whole country:

The table below shows a comparison between national and sponsored children success rate in state exams.


Many of those who have emerged from the darkness of poverty and ignorance are now serving their communities as strong and committed Christian leaders.

The children whose lives are being transformed through this ministry will become the future leaders of Haiti to, in turn, transform our country.

Haiti children

The 40 years of Compassion in Haiti have been a success — but not without challenges.

“My greatest satisfaction is the fact that Compassion has given me the opportunity to see some of my dreams accomplished. I can see the outcomes of my initiatives in the lives of children, communities and churches as I am surrounded by qualified and committed staff to bring about the changes.” – Guilbaud Saint-Cyr, country director for Compassion Haiti

Perspectives for the 10 years to come

Guilbaud intends to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Compassion in 2018 with some major accomplishments: