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4,255 Sponsored Children During Blog Month 2013

blog monthblog month 4,255. That’s the final number.

4,255 children sponsored online during September. That’s way beyond the goal we set, almost 1,100 exactly. Thank you!

But it was a strange month.

More children were sponsored online in September than in any previous September in our history; 34 percent more. But we didn’t have a single blogger in the Compassion Bloggers Network get more than four children sponsored during the month.

Many bloggers contributed, but no single blogger pushed us to and through our goal. People came to compassion.com to sponsor a child [3] from your blogs, Facebook, YouTube, radio campaigns, Pinterest, etc. It was a true community and team effort. Thank you.

We are exceptionally grateful for your efforts, and simultaneously saddened that no one met the eligibility requirements—getting at least five children sponsored—to qualify for the blog trip or blogging conference prizes.

The prizes packages are another story though. Each of our winners is responsible for getting at least one child sponsored during the month, and the winners’ names are:

Congratulations ladies! We will be contacting you shortly to arrange for you to receive your prize packages.

Finally, to everyone who participated in Blog Month in any way shape or form:

Thank you. Thank you. And thank you again.

Your support has helped offer hope and opportunity to thousands of children living in extreme poverty. On their behalf we are tremendously grateful.