What Do You Know About Brazil? [INFOGRAPHIC]

What would you say if someone asked you the question, “What do you know about Brazil?” Could you spout off some fun Brazil facts? Share a little about the community the child you sponsor lives in?

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Is a Nonprofit Internship the Best Choice for You?

In my eyes, the trade-off of tan lines for résumé lines wasn’t worth it if there wasn’t any eternal value, purpose or opportunity for growth in summer internship assignments. My advisors stressed the importance of interning, but I kept shying away from surrendering one last summer in the sun to the corporate world. That is, until I started looking within the nonprofit sector.

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What Children Really Want to Hear From Their Sponsors

Even sponsors who have been writing for years still ask, “What should I write about?” Well, instead of us giving you ideas of what to write this month for the Second Friday Letter-Writing Club, we decided to share from a trusted source what children really want to hear from their sponsors.

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How Does the Bible Define Poverty?

Many people and organizations view poverty in economic terms. But does this definition align with how Scripture describes the poor? How does the Bible define poverty?

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What Does an Orphan Desire the Most?

A tragedy at infancy plunged Mutabazi into a life of uncertainty and fear. “I learned that my mother died two months after I was born and shortly after my father was poisoned by a neighbor,” he recounts. This unimaginable crime changed the course of Mutabazi’s life and that of his three elder siblings.

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Small Matters

In their new book Small Matters: How Churches & Parents Can Raise Up World-Changing Children, Greg Nettle, President of Stadia Global Church Planting, and Compassion President Jimmy Mellado, explore Christ’s command to take care of children, share extraordinary stories of kids they’ve personally encountered around the world, and offer tips on caring for children in your home, church and community.

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A Short Guide to Talking About Latin America

It’s human nature to use generalizations. We compartmentalize information about the world as we view it through our own tinted lenses of experiences and interactions. And if we’re not careful, that compartmentalization can shape what we think about a group of people into a singular story.

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Thanks, Dad: 39 Inspiring Photos of Dads Around the World

The big adventures and the daily routines, the poignant moments and the silliness. Here are 39 inspiring photos of our favorite dads around the world. What can you thank that special man in your life for this Father’s Day?

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Comfort Found in the Words of Her Sponsors

With no money, a drunken, violent father and a community plagued with malnutrition, one little girl found comfort in the words of her sponsors.

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10 Super Father’s Day Gifts for the Hero in Your Dad

Provider. Protector. Hero. There are a lot of titles you can give the dads in your life. This Father’s Day honor the man in your life who’s always been your hero by letting him be a hero to children in poverty too!

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Is This 12 Year Old the Next Big Mexican Artist?

“Colors come to my mind in waves. They fill my sight and overflow my senses. I am not okay until I let them out…they only come out through my paintings,” twelve-year-old Hector the artist explains. This is because Hector has a condition called synesthesia which enables him to see plain things as colors. Things like numbers and letters appear to him in color, even when they are black on a white page.

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