Ecuador Earthquake Relief Efforts: Churches United

Compassion Ecuador staff and church partners are still working tirelessly to assess the full extent of the situation and damage of the April 16 earthquake. The immediate and long term needs are still great.

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The Counterintuitive Surprise of Generosity

When nine-year-old Julia saw a handmade flyer at a local coffee shop posted by a farmer looking for loving homes for his new puppies, she begged her parents for a dog. When she and her parents visited the owners, they all noticed the small farmhouse and the frugal lifestyle of the farmer and his family. The family, struggling to operate a small family-owned farm, clearly did not own much.

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10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts That Give Back

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to provide the women in our lives with tangible expressions of love. But what if there was a way you could do that while also tapping into the real heartbeat of a mom — helping other moms.

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The Most Hated Creature on the Planet

There are some terrifying creatures in our world. Lions and snakes and crocodiles, oh my! Sharks even get their own week of the year. But there is one little pest that is far more deadly than these that has recently been the object of a lot of fear and hate.

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Ecuador Earthquake: What You Can Do

Over 13,000 Compassion-assisted Children live within a 30-mile radius of the epicenter of the devastating earthquake that struck Ecuador on Saturday night. The Compassion Ecuador staff and the staff of our local church partners are mobilizing to assess the needs of the children, families and communities we serve.

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5 Useful Tips to Get the Most from the Compassion App

Many Compassion sponsors are finding our iPhone and Android app to be the fastest path to write the child they sponsor, make a payment or send a gift, contact our call center for support, and stay up to date with their child’s life.

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It’s Easier to Change a Life Than You Think

Eradicating child poverty across the globe – that sounds like a daunting task. But what if I told you that, by using what you’re already doing in your everyday life, you can play a significant part in achieving that goal?

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3 Great Letter-Writing Ideas for the New Letter Delivery Process

Starting this month, Compassion is implementing a new sponsor letter delivery system that will speed up the amount of time it takes to receive a letter! These exciting changes mean some changes to what can be delivered.

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Developing Healthy Kids in the Developing World

There’s no one way to approach physical needs in the diverse landscape and communities in the developing world. Each child, family, community and environment faces different health challenges. That’s why our local church partners are empowered to address health and physical wellness the best way they see fit with health education curriculum and your and our support.

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5 Reasons Your Compassion Sunday Presentation Matters

As someone whose life was changed through sponsorship, I want to let you know the important role you play as you step out in faith to be part of this year’s Compassion Sunday. I hope these words will encourage you as you prepare for your presentation.

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One Shy Little Girl Becomes Hope for the Abused

With a big smile on her face, Compassion alumni Lety greets every person who walks by. It is hard to believe that this same confident businesswoman was once a very shy girl with no dreams.

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