How You Can Advocate for Compassion’s Program in India

Due to the government of India’s decision to restrict Compassion’s funds from reaching our partners this year, many of our centers in India are are at risk of permanent closure, leaving more than 130,000 kids – the most vulnerable of India’s population – even more vulnerable. But on Dec. 6, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives will hear testimony from Compassion about the situation with the Indian government. And your voice could help us find a resolution. Will you help us advocate for the children and communities we serve in India?

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What Does the Bible Say About Giving?

Why do we give? What is the purpose of giving? It should be no surprise that the answer is wonderfully simple and unimaginably complex, all at the same time.

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Does Compassion International Do Church Planting?

There is a common challenge in many countries where we work. We know where children are living in extreme poverty. But, there are often no local Christ-centered churches in their communities — or no church that intentionally disciples children. Because of strategic partnerships, we’ve imagined a way to change that.

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How Do You Make Christmas More?

Wait! I know what you’re thinking after reading that title. “She’s going to tell me Christmas is too commercial. And that I need to remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.” You obviously don’t know me. I love Christmas. I love twinkly […]

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How to Use Snapchat for Pictures to Send to the Child You Sponsor

Snapchat doesn’t just give me the ability to take pictures. Because what would be the point of using it instead of my camera? It lets me and my own kids get creative together in our letters to Fabian, our sponsored child, with features that let us draw, add text and stickers, and even overlay a cool filter based on where the picture was taken.

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Be the Church More Than 80 Minutes a Week

I don’t understand why, in the 10,080 minutes of our week, we as the Church put most of our resources and efforts into the 80-minute gathering and forget the rest of the 10,000 minutes of our week.

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Totally Worth It: Reflecting on What’s Good

This month for our Totally Worth It series, we’re asking you to reflect. It’s easy to concentrate on what’s been hard in your life — to focus on everything that’s bad. Our hope is that this month’s news and stories will reflect God’s goodness and truth. And we hope you’ll be inspired to reflect on what’s good in your life, too … because you are totally worth it.

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When Will I Receive a Letter From the Child I Sponsor?

Because letters may have taken two to three months to be delivered in the past, something needed to be done to help us deliver letters more efficiently. If we could speed up the time that it takes for a letter to be exchanged back and forth between supporters and children, it would also enrich the relationships between them. For several years we prayerfully worked to bring this vision to fruition. Then in April 2016, we began using a new system designed to help us deliver letters faster than ever before.

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5 Ways to Teach Children About the Needs of Others

Appreciating the abundance we’ve been given can help us and our children gain a perspective that empowers us to live generously.

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Hurricane Matthew in Haiti: We Are Here. We Survive.

Haiti, which has had its fair share of destruction from natural disasters, has been ravaged by Hurricane Matthew. Hear amazing stories of survival, learn about the ongoing recovery efforts, and learn how you can help bring restoration to the resilient survivors of Hurricane Matthew.

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Traditions of Ghana: Warrior King

Until its independence, Ghana was known as the Gold Coast. It was renamed Ghana, meaning “Warrior King,” to reflect the ancient Ghana Empire that flourished in West Africa during the 10th century.

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25 Gorgeous Pictures of Churches in the Developing World

The buildings where children attend our Child Sponsorship Program might be expansive or cozy, ornate or simple. But one thing is for certain, they are a loud-and-clear message to their communities that God truly cares about the “least of these.”

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