5 Ways to Teach Children About the Needs of Others

Appreciating the abundance we’ve been given can help us and our children gain a perspective that empowers us to live generously.

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Hurricane Matthew in Haiti: We Are Here. We Survive.

Haiti, which has had its fair share of destruction from natural disasters, has been ravaged by Hurricane Matthew. Hear amazing stories of survival, learn about the ongoing recovery efforts, and learn how you can help bring restoration to the resilient survivors of Hurricane Matthew.

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Traditions of Ghana: Warrior King

Until its independence, Ghana was known as the Gold Coast. It was renamed Ghana, meaning “Warrior King,” to reflect the ancient Ghana Empire that flourished in West Africa during the 10th century.

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25 Gorgeous Pictures of Churches in the Developing World

The buildings where children attend our Child Sponsorship Program might be expansive or cozy, ornate or simple. But one thing is for certain, they are a loud-and-clear message to their communities that God truly cares about the “least of these.”

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10 Portraits of the Most Courageous Girls in Kenya

Ten brave girls living in impoverish communities in Kenya talk openly about their lives and the joys and struggles facing all girls, everywhere. From child marriage to education, female circumcision to the definition of beauty, their stories and images are a testament to the resilience, strength and courage of girls living in poverty.

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Totally Worth It: Some Peace for Our World

As your friend, we want to help ignite your compassion for kids, God’s church and those struggling under the weight of poverty around the world. So here in our second, monthly installment of Totally Worth It, we’ve got the happenings with Hurricane Matthew in Haiti and other noteworthy things that we hope will inspire you and fill your head and heart. We’re taking our cue from Nobel Peace Prize announcement today. With all the weight of the world’s hurt pushing down on us, we think we could all use more peace to lift us up.

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The Purpose Hotel: Finding Purpose in Unlikely Places

I wondered, what if, as the lonely traveler in a hotel room, I could feel connected to a larger story out there? What if when you walked into your hotel room, there was a child’s face and their name above the room number? What if you suddenly felt connected to that story? What if the room was giving a couple of dollars a night to sponsor a child? What if you could even write a note of encouragement to that child?

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How Do the Poor Describe Poverty?

A survey conducted in Niger by the Office of the Prime Minister asked the poor of that country to describe poverty. Their answers included: dependence, marginalization, scarcity, incapacity and restrictions on rights and freedoms.

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Queen of Katwe: Finding God’s Purpose on a Chessboard

In God’s eyes, we all are kings and queens. We all are filled with possibility, no matter the circumstances we’re born in, no matter the challenges we face. Through God — and with a little help from His earthly servants — the “least of these” can become a queen.

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What Gives You Peace?

We think the world needs to hear more stories about peace right now. From the state of our broken world and global worries all the way down to our personal day-to-day troubles, worry and helplessness can threaten to overtake us. We asked you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram what gave you peace. You shared with the world through stories, pictures and videos how you experience God’s peace that passes all understanding with #GivesMePeace.

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Changing the World One Unique Passion at a Time

Everybody wants to change the world. But we don’t always know where to start. Here are three stories of people who decided to start right where they are. People who used their unique passions to rally friends and family to release children from poverty together.

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Compassion Named Xerox 2016 In-Plant Hero

There’s a fundamental understanding among Compassion folk — whether we are sponsors, donors, volunteers or staff — that His Kingdom awaits, and we’ve got work to do. This collective passion that propels our mission to release children from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty is matched by our commitment to doing it well.

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