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A Child in the Midst

In the midst One of the great Bible stories we love to talk about at Compassion is when Jesus brought a child into the midst of a conversation He was having with the disciples (Matthew 18). Jesus pretty much stopped a very serious discussion and turned His focus to a child. And, in doing so, He brought that child to the attention of the entire crowd.

I wonder, what impact it would have had if a child had been “in the midst” of different events in history?

What if a child had been in the room during the penning of the Declaration of Independence?

Do you think our founding fathers would have addressed the importance of children by adding a line stating they were seeking independence “for the future of our children?”

Look at John Trumbull’s famous painting of the signing of the Declaration:

Now imagine how that image changes if a child is added to the scene.

How many wars would never have started if a child had been in the war planning room.

Imagine a child asking, “But why? Why do you want to hurt those mommies and daddies?” … or better yet, “Are you going to hurt the children too?”

(Over the past ten years, more children have died as the result of wars than soldiers.)

What other moments in history might have changed, if a child had been “in the midst?”