A Child’s Response Saves Her Mom’s Life

crisis response Ansu saved her mother’s life by demonstrating wise, calm presence of mind in a crisis situation.

As her mother walked in front of their house carrying a metal bar to pluck coconuts, the bar came in contact with an electrical line.

High-voltage electricity charged through her mother’s body.

Hearing her cry, Ansu’s younger brother rushed to help his mother and tried to pull her away from contact with the electrical line. But the heavy current knocked him back with severe electrical shock.

Ansu reacted quickly.

Picking up a wooden chair, she used it to strike the metal bar away from her mother’s hands. 

Soon neighbors arrived, helped Ansu give first aid to her mother, and rushed the injured woman to the hospital. The boy, though stunned, was OK.

Her mother suffered only a fractured rib and mild residual pain.

Ansu’s awareness of the dangerous situation, and her calm presence of mind to find and use a wooden object to separate her mother from the electrical charge, saved her mother’s life that day.

When officers of the Kerala Police and the Kerala State Electricity Board asked Ansu how she had the knowledge to save her mother, she told them about the safety precautions and first aid methods she had learned at her Compassion-assisted child development center.

The lessons she learned there helped her save her mother’s life.

The electricity board invited Ansu to their 55th Annual Budget Meeting, where they acknowledged her “remarkable presence of mind” during this crisis and the Honorable Minister of State for Electricity congratulated her with a memento and cash award.

Ansu’s local church and school also recognized her act of bravery by giving her memorable gifts. At her Compassion child development center, we, too, held a special meeting to share Ansu’s story with the other children and to commend her for responding with such calmness and courage.

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  1. Srinivas August 26, 2012

    Sir, what you have posted here is an excellent one because at the time of short circuits and fire we were astonished and unable to do any thing but the child got dare and saved Her mothers life this is because of we the staff she said this is really great.The kerala govt done good job by honoring the child.You are the best facilitator with compassion heart working in compassion.

  2. Debbie Beghetto June 22, 2012

    Awesome…Compassion team should feel very proud for what they taught–well paid off. I prayed that the mother is well.

  3. Garry June 22, 2012

    That is awesome…just one of the things kids learn through, that we normally wouldn’t think of, through Compassion.

  4. Michael June 22, 2012

    Awesome! The church should feel very proud for the life-saving role they played in instructing the children.

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