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A Minute to Write a Letter, Part Two

creative writing stories A Minute to Write a Letter is a fictional story originally posted on OurCompassion [3]. Author Emalee Warner was inspired to write it after learning about sponsored children who never receive letters from their sponsors.

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Rendel stayed to the back of the small crowd of children, hoping — but knowing that his name would not be called. It had been three months since letter-writing day.

There’d been four deliveries of letters since then. Most of the children had already received replies. Rendel listened with half an ear as the box of letters dwindled.

One last letter was pulled from the box and the woman up front called,


Everyone turned to look at him. Many of the children and staff smiled as he stepped up and carefully took the letter.

Sure enough, written on the front was his name. Many of the children broke into groups to look at their letters together. Those who hadn’t received a letter turned and left quietly.

Child showing off a letter from his sponsor.

Rendel and a few others found quiet areas of the yard to open their letters.

He stared at the envelope for what seemed like ages.

What if they’d gotten the wrong Rendel? What if the letter wasn’t really meant for him?

Tentatively, he opened the envelope and pulled out the paper within. Carefully, he unfolded the letter and started to read.

He finished the letter with a big grin on his face.

She’d finally written him back! She said she was happy that he was doing well in school, and that her brothers had also liked playing football (soccer) when they were younger.

She had even sent him a picture of herself.

She didn’t have her picture taken often, she wrote, and this was the best she had.

All Rendel knew was that she was beautiful, and that she cared.

Before dashing home to show his grandmother and read through the letter again with her, he whispered,

“Thank You, Lord!”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Emalee Warner started writing to four children her youth group sponsors, as well as three additional children her youth pastor sponsors. Emalee recently began sponsoring her own child.

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