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A New Way of Doing Mission?

a new way This picture was taken three weeks ago on a trip to Korogocho, Kenya.

Korogocho is located next to one of the largest dumpsites in Nairobi and is one of the three largest slums in the city. Navigating through Korogocho can be challenging, not to mention asphyxiating, as it lies in an underdeveloped, bustling area where thousands of people live and work. Small makeshift homes are piled one on top of the other.

The pastor of the church, Redeemed Gospel Church, told us that the name ‘Korogocho’ has the meaning of being ‘crammed shoulder to shoulder’ or ‘piled on top of one another.’

This picture, taken in the midst of the slum, tells an amazing story because it represents the firstfruits of a Church-to-Church [3] (C2C) partnership.

In the picture are parents and their children, newly registered in our Child Sponsorship [4] Program at Redeemed Gospel Church.

Also included in the picture are leaders from Trinity Church in Michigan.

Our C2C program focuses on building long-term relationships between well-resourced churches in the U.S. and our partner churches in the field.

C2C is now active in nine of the 26 countries where we work.

The idea of churches working together in partnership is not necessarily new, but our C2C Partnership is. What began in a beta test last year with 36 churches is now in the second year, closing in on a benchmark of 100 church partnerships.

C2C creates a relational mission, one church to another, beginning with connecting church leaders on a Discovery Trip, where congregation members from each U.S. church can get connected in a special way.

The first goal of C2C is to ensure at least 50 children from the church partner’s child development center are available for the U.S. church congregation to sponsor.

Redeemed Gospel is one of the bright spots in the community of Korogocho. In spite of being under resourced and facing a multitude of other challenges, the person of Jesus is fleshed out on a daily basis.

It is such a powerful thing to witness. A church like Redeemed Gospel has so much to offer a church here in the U.S. As churches build relationship together our prayer is that learning and ministry sharing will begin to take root in both directions, benefiting both partners and meeting kingdom goals with exponential impact.