Angels Unaware

god will never forsake your One day, unlike other days, I ended up traveling in an unreserved coach from Tamil Nadu to Karnataka. It was late, the compartment was crowded, I was dead tired, and I just wanted to reach my destination.

A few stops later, I suddenly found myself alone with only a few men in the compartment. I got a bit nervous since one of them looked very drunk. I was contemplating my next move and praying when a young boy whom I’d never seen before entered the compartment.

god will never forsake you

He came and sat across from where the drunken man was lying, on the berth right in front of me. He mumbled something about taking care of me, and he just sat there and watched the drunken man until my stop came. I don’t know why I felt calm.

If the drunken man had woken up, the little boy would have been no match for him. He was tiny. But, in my heart, I felt that this kid was sent by God to remind me of His promises to me: “I have called you by name.” “I have set you apart.” “Don’t worry, daughter, I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

I feel foolish as I think back to how uneasy I’d felt earlier in the trip. I now remind myself that the God who has called me will look after everything that concerns me, and I remember Psalm 91:11–12. I’ve felt inexplicable peace ever since this incident. I have traveled for five years now, and God has been a faithful protector.

Dear friends, I know that a lot of you work in difficult situations and under trying circumstances. Remember that the God who has called you is faithful, and He will be with you even unto the end of the age.

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands. —Psalm 91:11–12a, NIV

Prayer: Dear Father, I want to thank You for Your continuous protection and encouragement, even as we serve You through the work that we do. In Jesus’ name, amen.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sharon Joseph works as the Training Specialist in South India.

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