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Any Last Words?

any last words Compassion UK first posed the question in Twitter.

Grab the last letter you received from your sponsored child and share the closing sentence with us.

We liked the question so we asked our Twitter followers and Facebook friends to participate. Here’s a sample of what they shared.

“I pray that we may live with God up to the end and may God protect us.”

“I say goodbye with many hugs — so long.”

“Please pray that my father will stop drinking liquor.”

“I want to tell you that I already can pray. I keep you in my heart with so much love.”

“Thank you very much for your sponsorship. Do you have happiness? Wish you have happiness.”

“When I grow up I want to be a doctor so I can help all of the kids because I really like the things that the doctor from the center does for us. Goodbye with love and affection.”

“Does the earthquake always happen to your country? Me, I do not know if it will happen, only God knows. Keep on helping me pray for the two months of vacation that I will have. I will pray for you. I love you.”

“With the $25 I bought cookies, candles, milk and Kellog’s, thank you for everything with love.”

‎”Do you have a swimming pool in your house?”

‎”I hope to read you soon. For the time, I kiss you. See you soon.”

‎”One day we will never separate and we will be in our homes, in the place God prepared for us.”

‎”I dismiss with strong hugs and lots of love.”

How did your sponsored child close his or her last letter to you?