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Ask Wess

Wess with childrenOur president, Wess, is a smart man. (He’s also very humble so unless you ask him, you might not be aware of just how many interesting things he knows.)

Raised in Africa, a one-time resident of Haiti, he’s got a fascinating life journey. Thanks to all his travels and experiences overseas, he knows about many things including (but not limited to) slingshots, Indiana Jones, children, malaria, green mambas, hunting, Africa, raising daughters, fire ants, poverty and God.

You may have seen our series of posts entitled “10 Questions With [3]” The intent was to help you better understand our holistic child development model [4]. Well … we want to post another one in the series, but this time with a twist. (It’s like reality TV — we gotta keep changing it up or you get bored.) So here’s the twist: this time YOU provide the questions.

That’s right.

We’re giving you free and clear access to ask our very own president and CEO Wess Stafford anything you like.

Now’s your chance to ask Wess some of those burning questions you always wanted answered. You can submit as many questions as you want. He’ll pick 10 of them to answer.

Ready … set … go!