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spiritual development shared bible

One of the objectives of our Child Sponsorship Program is to help children become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults. To do this, our holistic development strategy includes four domains: physical, socio-emotional, cognitive and spiritual.

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In Togo, national statistics indicate that 39 percent of the population do not have access to an improved drinking water source. A quarter of the Togolese population do not have, within a 30 minute walk, a source of drinking water.

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Eyram in Classroom

When Eyram did not take all of her medication, she had seizures. She lived in total fear.

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Jul 24 2013

A New Home for Emile

Emile outside new house

Emile faces great challenges in life. He lives in a hut, in the heart of the bush, far from the nearest village. His room has palm branch walls and a straw roof, which leaks during rainy season.

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gertrude school FI

Gertrude* has epilepsy. Her family initially rejoiced when she was born, but that soon changed. Three months after her birth, Gertrude started having epileptic seizures.

When her family realized her condition, they abandoned her and her mother because in their village, epilepsy is considered a curse.
In Adaboukope, Togo, where they live, nearly 80 percent of the…

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What kind of impression do you want to leave after your departure from an organization, an assembly, or a country where you have served?

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Aug 30 2012

Love Changes a Life


When Pierre’s sponsor came to visit him for the second time, he immediately noticed a difference in his sponsored child.

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For children in Togo and around the world, a letter from a sponsor is a source of great joy. Most children see letters as gifts from the hearts of their sponsors.

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