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Malcom Gladwell’s latest book, Outliers, doesn’t mention Compassion once. But it’s still about what Compassion does: We transform lives by giving children in poverty opportunities to succeed.

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fellowship of the unashamed

I’m a part of the fellowship of the unashamed. The die has been cast. I have stepped over the line. The decision has been made. I’m a disciple of His and I won’t look back, let up, slow down, back away, or be still.

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Dec 22 2008

One Word

“Seven years ago, I started the simple discipline of picking a one-word theme for the upcoming year. That is right — one word. Not a phrase, not a statement, just a single word. And to this point, it has been nothing short of life-changing.”

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Right before Thanksgiving, I was rootin’ around in our digital asset management library and saw some child photos I absolutely had to share. Photos of children reading letters from their sponsors.

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Nov 11 2008

Your Caption Here

Besides giving a caption for this very cute photo, what country do you think the photo was taken in?

Your caption here

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Election day is less than three weeks away. Do you know how you’re gonna vote? I do.
But that’s not what I’m really interested in. I’m interested in what you think about this.
When it comes to ending global poverty and fighting the war on terror:

80 percent of those surveyed* by the Barna Research Group, who…

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Compassion is one of only 45 charities to have received seven consecutive 4-star ratings from Charity Navigator, the largest independent evaluator of charities in the U.S.

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Hello friends! Glad you’re here.
I haven’t met all of ya yet, but I do knows a lot of ya. If you’re new to our blog, please leave a comment, I’d consider it a privilege to make your acquaintance.
So that you feel welcome, let me introduce you to a few of the folks who are…

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In honor of the one month anniversary of my visit to the King’s Children Ambassadors Student Center (ME-730) and the Jesus’ Friends Student Center (ME-737), I finally have some video for you.
I wouldn’t call the cinematography enthralling. It’s kinda got an “old Aunt Betty filmed a home movie” feel to it, but despite that, I…

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Do you love your sponsored child? Really love your child?
We already know I’m an emotionally disconnected person, so help me out here.
Explain to me how you know that what you feel for your sponsored child is actually love.
Come on y’all. I want to know what love is. Sing it.

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Sep 9 2008

Commit This

More ‘fo from the FO-rum
Commit this to memory. It’s what we commit to, for you.
We commit to:

teach and live out the Way of Christ, developing children into lifelong disciples of Jesus
mobilize and equip the Church to be effective in ministry to children
commit to continuous improvement in our program design and delivery
engage with each…

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Integrity is another one of our core values. But what does that mean? What is integrity?
“Integrity means doing the same thing whether people are with you or whether you are alone.” – Ed Anderson, senior vice president and chief financial officer
Integrity doesn’t just apply to big decisions. It also applies to your small decisions.…

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If we want to change the world, we must begin with ourselves. If we, the Church, don’t do it, it won’t get done. If we want to change the Church, we must begin with ourselves. It is an honor for Compassion to walk alongside the Church. To accompany the Church as it helps bring the…

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Today is the first day of our Global Leadership Forum (GLF). Huh? What’s that?
It’s an annual conference of all our leadership throughout the world, gathered together in one place to discuss the future of Compassion.
This year’s theme is “Strengthen the Core,” to grow in our global unity.
I’ll eventually have a post for you to read,…

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Sep 3 2008

New Faces

This is what Brianne looks like when she’s not hiding behind a gnome.
The shy guy behind the gnome’s eye … and head and entire body, is Chad Summers. Chad is the newest Webbie. He’s filling the position Becky vacated when she moved to the International Communications team.
Wanna welcome him with us?

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Aug 28 2008

The Poverty of ME

Last week, I was in Mexico. On a sponsor tour. And I saw the deepest, darkest poverty of my life.
But I didn’t have to travel to ME, the abbreviation we use when referring to Mexico, to see it. I only had to look at me.
I was in Mexico for the wrong reason. I didn’t go…

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Hello everyone. This will be my last post from Mexico. I need to put the computer aside and experience God.
I’ve lost my way and made this trip about something other than Him.
I’ve uploaded another 50 photos to Flickr tonight. I’ll have more after August 23, when I return home.
I’ll also have some…

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We spent this morning at the Compassion Mexico office. After a brief introduction and welcome by Omar, the country director, our group of 30+ sponsors broke into three smaller masses, in order to get a little more intimate with the different ministry areas.
First stop for “el grupo de Giovagnoni” was Ministry Services. We had a…

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Yesterday ended today at 1:30 a.m. 16 bags were missing. Some still are.
The start line for the Mexico City Marathon was right outside of our hotel, in the Zocalo. I’m told that fireworks announced the “presence” of the race at 5:30 a.m and again at 7 a.m. I slept through ’em.
My roommate told me…

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Talk to someone who has been on a Compassion sponsor tour and you’ll hear all about stuff like this,
On my sponsor tour …
and stuff like this,
Should I visit my sponsored child?
But you won’t hear about this – the Customs Declaration form.
Not once did I read a blog post from Uganda about this thing. And…

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I’m going to Mexico! And I want you to come with me.
I was left behind once, and I’m grateful it wasn’t in the “missed the Rapture” sense. Because of that experience I will do my best to make you feel like you’re in Mexico with me.
I’m going to Mexico as a co-leader on a…

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Meet Brianne Mullins. She’s 24 today … and really struggling with that. That’s why she’s hiding behind Jerome the Birthday Gnome.
She’s also the newest Webbie. Hired today. Starts August 25. Sounds like a good birthday present TO us. Wonder what she’s getting.

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It was taken in 2004, in Bangladesh, by Tom Kimmell.

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“The opposite of poverty is enough.”
Have you heard us say this before?
Answer first, before reading on.

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A co-worker of mine, Candace Perry, broadcast the following note to her Facebook friends Tuesday night. It’s striking.

It’s after work and I’m in my business casual, walking through the mall having just bought a not-so-scrumptious dinner of Sbarro’s pizza when I see a sad sight before my eyes.
A girl, probably about 12 years old,…

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