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The enemy has spoken lying words to those caught in his scheme. He has told them they don’t matter. He has made them believe they are all alone in their suffering. He has deceived them into thinking their situation will never change.

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Mar 11 2011

Are You at the End of the Line?


But if I’m going to follow the Jesus I claim to serve, I don’t have a choice. I’m going to have to stop judging and stop ignoring. I’m going to have to stop trying to be at the front of the line.

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Feb 10 2011

Talking to Strangers


“Aah,” we say, “isn’t that great of God to take care of the poor and oppressed. I’m off the hook, because it’s God who is the defender of the defenseless, provider for the fatherless and widow. I don’t have to worry about it, because that nice God is on the job.”

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It seems we, as humans, are always passing the buck, or bucking the responsibility.
Jesus replied, “They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat.”
“We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish,” they answered.  — Matthew 14:16-17, NIV
Jesus saw the multitude and that the multitude was hungry. His attitude was not…

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