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Superstitious beliefs and a fear of doctors prevent many people in India from taking their sick children to the hospital. They would rather get medicine from a local pharmacy, where pharmacists supply tablets and syrups without a doctor’s prescription.
Hemant’s parents had little awareness of health and education. Hemant’s father, Venkobrao, works as a load man…

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ironman triathlete_pool

A few years back, Nagaraj came across one particular blog of a person who participated in Ironman competitions. This intrigued him so much that he and a friend started training to participate in Ironman triathlons.

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Dr. Masilamani

Life held nothing promising for Masilamani. Born in the south Indian village of Thirumanickam, he was the son of farmers.

The life of a farmer in India is difficult, and despite their hard labor, Masilamani’s family lived a life of extreme poverty.
In such a circumstance, Masilamani could not have dreamed of anything better than carrying plow…

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helping the poor

Both Saroj and her unborn baby were in serious condition, and it seemed certain only one of them could survive. Her family members took her to three different hospitals, and every doctor had only the same words to say.

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Seven stones is a traditional Indian game that is played across the country. It is somewhat similar to dodge ball but it has extra features and is even more aggressive.

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One morning Palani and Geetha heard cries and a scream. A newborn baby was thrown and left to die amidst thorns, in hunger and neglect.

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The Leadership Development Program taught Arun a great number of things. He learned about time management, Christian discipline and social awareness. Most importantly, he learned how a Christian must respond to contemporary issues.

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Siva practices Silambam with the utmost care and precision.

Indeed, Siva wears many crowns. And this young girl has yet another talent given by the Almighty. She is extremely good at silambam — stick fighting, a traditional south Indian martial art.

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Radhika and ???

The 21st century has witnessed a great rise in development around the world. Communications and scientific research are developing at a rapid pace. The world is moving toward great change in culture and lifestyle. Gender equality is becoming common in many places, and girls are achieving heights once thought not possible.

However, even as the…

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God has brought about an incredible transformation in the lives of the children, their families and this community. The children regularly attend schools. The educational standard of the children has improved. About 40 children participate in sports activities and they have received many prizes in school and higher-level competitions.

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The Leadership Development Program (LDP) in India produces eminent young leaders to influence and inspire their churches, society and nation. And Andrew Christopher plays a vital role in the South Asia region as team lead.
The young and dynamic Andrew leads the team of two LDP specialists, Vikho and Charles in South India, and also…

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St. Andrews Child Development Center has raised several leaders, pastors and government workers across the nation. The center is located at Srivalliputhur, Virudhunagar District, on the southern tip of India, and is sowing the seeds of the urgent need for social welfare in the young minds of the area. The man behind the success…

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Feb 26 2010

Vallarasu the Outlier

Outliers are men and women who do things out of the ordinary; men and women who have drive, skill and talent, but who also are given an opportunity to succeed.
“When outliers become outliers it is not just because of their own efforts. It’s because of the contributions of lots of different people and lots…

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Pastor Sam, the director of Immanuel Child Development Center in India, shares his feelings of gratefulness to sponsors — gratefulness for the vital role they play in the holistic development of children in poverty.
Here are his thoughts about a sponsor’s involvement in a child’s life.

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