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May 1 2012

Never Too Old


One of Satan’s biggest lies is that we are too young for God to use us. When we are older, Satan will also try to tell us that we are too old to be used by God.

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jose cloe up_FI

The person in charge of taking child photos has a challenging task. Imagine shepherding 30 active children while trying to take pictures for their sponsorship packets!

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Screen shot 2010-12-28 at 1.07.33 PM

Ouma Willy, a former Leadership Development Program student who currently studies at Moody Bible Institute, shares his experience as a recipient of letters from sponsors. His testimony will no doubt encourage you to keep writing to your sponsored children!

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What puzzling, quirky, amusing things have your sponsored children written in their letters to you?

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Jul 11 2009

Compassion Connection

I got this in a letter from one of my sponsored children in Bolivia – actually a correspondent child. Notice how the child is connecting us together.

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Mar 27 2009

Back From Colombia

I recently had the privilege of visiting my three correspondence children, a few children that I helped find sponsors for, and the sponsored child of my pastor in Colombia. It was a trip I will never forget (unless I get a serious bout of amnesia).

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Jul 21 2008

Back From Bolivia

As many of you know, I recently took a trip to Bolivia to visit my sponsored children. It was an experience I don’t think I’ll ever forget.
I had planned on visiting my children for a long time, and this was one of the reasons why I sponsored all of my 12 children in one…

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Hello again. I’m about to take a trip to Bolivia, where I can meet many of the children that I sponsor plus several others too. I’m so excited right now!! I’m stoked. I think I spelled that right.
On June 27, I’m taking off from the Orlando airport and flying into Miami, where I’ll have…

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This is a sample of what my sponsored children write to me. Although the words are different, they often have the same message.

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