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I’m not much into New Year’s resolutions. I find it an odd tradition. If you really want to change your life, why wait until January 1 to start? But perhaps it’s a positive thing if it helps us to truly focus on being better human beings — even if our New Year’s resolutions only…

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Oct 15 2008

Bailout Plan

“It’s extraordinary to me that the United States can find $700 billion to save Wall Street and the entire G8 can’t find $25 billion dollars to save 25,000 children who die every day from preventable diseases.” –Bono.

I don’t mean to make light of the current economic crisis in the United States, but there’s a part of…

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Aug 19 2008

A Child in the Midst

One of the great Bible stories we love to talk about at Compassion is when Jesus brought a child into the midst of a conversation He was having with the disciples (Matthew 18). Jesus pretty much stopped a very serious discussion and turned His focus to a child. And, in doing so, He brought…

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This is a true story about a young girl in one of Compassion’s child development centers in India.

Last summer, heavy rains poured into the village where 12-year-old Arpita lives.
The ground, already saturated from previous rains, left nowhere else for the waters to go … so the entire village flooded. Muddy water, one…

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I realize that what I’m about to post isn’t going to be very popular. But I’m willing to post it because I hope it will start a healthy discussion.
Here it is: Over the past few years, I’ve heard this phrase come up literally dozens of times at missions conferences, ministry events, churches, on blogs,…

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Jun 27 2008

Human Becoming

It may sound odd, but I never really thought about the word “being” in the phrase “human being.” To me, the phrase has always meant the same thing as just plain “human” so the word “being” was, in my mind anyway, superfluous.
Why do we call ourselves human beings? Is there another kind of human?

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What would you do … to give a few moments of pleasure to a person drowning in poverty?

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May 8 2008

How Far Is The Hill?

I’m in Guatemala right now, taking a handful of sponsors and radio broadcasters on a trip to see how Compassion is changing the lives of children in poverty. And I just had to share something that hit me today. I’ll try to keep this short because the internet service here is so iffy that I…

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Apr 21 2008


I like to listen. My wife will tell you I’m not very good at it. But I really do like to listen to the way people say things … and the meaning behind certain words or phrases. I recently tried an experiment. I paid close attention to some of the things we say around the…

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Apr 10 2008

Jesus on American Idol

I’ve just gotta shout out an “Amen!”
For two weeks in a row now, the name of Jesus has been mentioned on American Idol. 
Last week, Jason Castro sang Traveling Through with these lyrics:

We’ve all been crucified and they nailed Jesus to the tree
and when I’m born again you’re going to see a change in me.

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What would it have been like if Dr. Seuss wrote some stories about children in poverty?

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Child-proofing your home is actually a backwards way of looking at it. You’re not protecting your house from children…you’re protecting children from your house.

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Feb 29 2008

Geography Lesson

Today, I ask you to pray for children in poverty. I ask you to cross the lines of longitude and latitude and give to those who suffer due to something as silly as geography.

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Feb 25 2008

Mayonnaise Sandwiches

What connection is there between mayonnaise sandwiches and your spiritual journey?

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Feb 20 2008


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that it’s getting easier to set priorities in my life. Some of the things I used to deem important just don’t mean that much to me anymore. And some things that I never valued are priceless to me now. I guess that’s part of maturing.
20 years ago I didn’t know…

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