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“I Want to Reach My Dream”

big dreams “I want to be like my sponsor’s daughter. I want to be a doctor someday.” This was Nathan’s first statement to his mother after he read the letter from his sponsor. In that one simple letter, Nathan’s sponsor mentioned her daughter was planning to become a doctor, and it motivated Nathan to begin taking his studies seriously.

Since that time he has shown his enthusiasm to study hard and use his time wisely.

Three times a week, Nathan walks 150 meters to attend the activities at the child developmen center. He is usually accompanied by his mother, but lately he has taken the initiative to walk by himself. Nathan has attended the Ekklesia Student Center in Motoling, South Minahasa, Indonesia, since it was established three years ago.

Since Nathan joined the center, the 8-year-old boy has experienced much growth and progress. He is not only showing his diligence by attending the meetings, he also pays better attention to every subject.

In addition, Nathan loves to study, and he reviews his lessons again with his friends at home. This has helped him make impressive progress in his grades.

These aren’t the only positive outcomes he has achieved. Nathan is never absent from center activities. He has also shown particular interest in subjects like math and reading. Because of his sponsor’s letter, he wants to become like his sponsor’s daughter in the future.

“Mom, if my sponsor’s daughter wants to be a doctor, can I be a doctor, too?”

Nathan is now a goal-oriented young man. He used to be lazy, according to his mom. In fact, his nickname was 66 — because he would be out playing from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. But now, he is diligent in his studies.

“I want to reach my dream. I want to become a doctor someday because I want to help people in this village.”

On Friday, after finishing school, Nathan goes to the center. He sings and plays with his friends in free time. Nathan and 244 other children enjoy their time praising the Almighty One who has given them an opportunity to develop their lives. After the worship leader closes the praise and worship, all children go to their classes.

Nathan is one of many children at Ekklesia Student Center who have been changed by their sponsor’s letters.

“Sponsor letters really impact the children’s lives here. We hope there will be more sponsors letters that will inspire children here and motivate them to live better,” explains Linda Weenas, center secretary.