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A Big-picture Perspective

Today, I would like to introduce you to my fellow contact center employee, Becky. I spoke with her recently and our conversation was such a source of encouragement to me, I wanted to share it with you.

Becky is going through a difficult time right now. Her husband has survived cancer twice, but the doctors have found another spot on his lung. Scared that the cancer has returned, she described her feelings to me.

“I remember walking around the office and thinking ‘Does anyone know that my world has collapsed today? Does anyone even care?’”

As always, God gave her hope in the midst of her sorrow. As our conversation continued, she explained how this experience has helped her show grace to the sponsors she speaks with each day.

“I never know what the person on the other side of the phone is going through. I try to remember how I felt during that time and be sensitive to the person’s struggles that I am speaking with — even if I don’t know what they are.”

I was so inspired by Becky’s strength and hope leaving work that day.

Later that week, I brought up this topic in a meeting and everyone present agreed — when we speak with an upset caller, it is rarely due to the reason the person called about, but usually because of a struggle in that person’s life.
Because of this, one of the representatives on my team prays before taking every call. Many go above and beyond; I know one co-worker who even looked up the right bus route for a sponsor who was lost.

How many times do I speak or act without thinking of the other person I’m interacting with? How many rash and hurtful decisions have I made? Not only do I, working in the contact center, need to be sensitive to the struggles you are going through, but also as a sponsor I must be sensitive to my sponsored children’s struggles.

I don’t want to walk on eggshells all the time, but I also want to be considerate and compassionate to those in my life.

Do you have suggestions for being intentionally considerate of your sponsored child or for those you do life with?