Magline’s Bright Future

Bright Future “Magi, get going else you will be late for your classes,” Magline’s mother calls out from outside the courtyard, where she is washing dishes.

Magline is deeply engrossed reading the sponsor letter she has just received from the student center.

Magline, a bright young girl from Park Circus Child Development Center, is an example of what a sponsor’s love and affection can help achieve in children who never get to paint a future for themselves because of poverty.

Magline comes from a poor family. She has been through many ups and down since childhood.

Her father was an alcoholic and did not have a job when Magline was brought to be enrolled at age 5. He would beat up Magline’s mother to get money from her to meet his thirst for wine.

But in the midst of all that, Magline’s mother was steadfast in her faith in God and kept praying for her husband’s change of heart. She toiled hard, working as a maid servant to bring up her children.

It was about the same time that Magline’s sponsorship also started, but she was far too young to understand the love and concern her sponsor had for her.

“I had no dreams for the future because I hardly understood what sponsorship meant for me,” says Magline.

However, Magline’s transformation from a shy, introverted girl to someone exercising her God-given potential today, was made possible only because of the inspiration of her sponsor.

“My sponsor helped me to dream big and dream of becoming a teacher, for which I will remain ever grateful.”

Magline has been very active at the student center from the time she was enrolled even until today, with the stage set for her to graduate from the sponsorship program.

Despite her struggles back home, she complained of nothing. Instead, she would run back to the development center every day because of the love and affection she got from her caregivers. She attended all the student center activities regularly and faithfully.

Now Magline is pursuing her Teacher’s Training Course (TTC) with help from Compassion.

“My dream of becoming a teacher is now a reality. If it wasn’t for my sponsor who supported me until now and a big-hearted donors who is paying for my course, I wouldn’t know where I would be today.

“I cannot thank my sponsor enough, for they have been more than a sponsor to me … they have been my source of encouragement, and it was for their love and affection I am lifted up.”

Magline’s sponsor came from a church named Assemblee Protestante Evangelique in France. During her 14 years of sponsorship she received many letters, but the ones that motivated her most were those that were personal and informative, communicating a lot to Magline about the French culture and faith, lifestyle and beliefs of her sponsor.

Life has not been smooth sailing for Magline at all. Just when everything seemed right for her to take admission into her TTC, she was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Life came to a halt and her hopes for future seemed shattered.

She had just finished high school and was getting all set for her teacher’s training course.

“This day that I waited for so long was now slipping away from my hands and I could do nothing but cry out in anguish.”

Lying on her sick bed, Magline remembered the prayers of her sponsor, the love and concern for her. It gave her strength to fight her ailment and stay focused in fulfilling her long-awaited dream of becoming a teacher.

Magline wants to be a teacher for a noble purpose: She wants to stand in the gap for poor children in her community by offering free education and support for them, much in the same way she received help from her sponsor.

“That way, I know, I can be a living witness of God’s unconditional love to people living around us.”

Magline’s presence of mind and leadership in handling critical situations have made her the first choice to be delegated with responsibilities at the child development center. She was made leader of the youth group at her student center.

She not only exercises exceptional leadership qualities but is also a multi-talented girl. She teaches music and dance to children at the student center. She has outperformed at every level – be it at the center or in school.

Mr. Simson, child development center accountant of Park Circus, says with a nod,

“Seeing Magline grow from a 7-year-old shy girl to how she manages her responsibilities today, really amazes me of how much she had been influenced by her beloved sponsor.”

Magline is involved with the youth ministry of Assemblies of God Church, Calcutta at present. The most important thing she feels she has learned from her sponsor is waiting on God and to trust only in him without a shadow of doubt.

Her sponsor was instrumental in building up her confidence in God through the scripture references mentioned in the letters, to help her overcome the fear she faced of exams.

Today, Magline stands firm in her faith as she leads a youth group at her church. She is filled with gratitude for the love and concern her sponsor showed her.

“I enjoyed reading my letters word by word until I actually memorized them completely.”

The letters gave her a special sense of belonging, one that she doesn’t have words to express. She was simply delighted to know how much she was loved and cared for, despite the great divide separating them geographically.

“Without help from my sponsor I wouldn’t have achieved anything.”

Magline’s mother feels indebted for the generosity, without which it would have been impossible for her to give Magline the education she received.

“I knew that God had a definite purpose for Magline, and her sponsors were a great channel of blessing for her and us all these years.”

With a loving sponsor, who cared and loved her dearly, and a mother whose faith was grounded so strong in the word of God, Magline would not have as bright a future.

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  1. jennifer February 23, 2010

    What an amazing story. I just now happened across it. I do hope that her sponsor got to read this. Magline is a very special young lady.

  2. Heather February 12, 2009

    What an exceptional child!! 🙂 Amazing young lady..I’m going to go write to my correspondence child now. I hope someday I can make a huge impact like this sponsor did with Magline!

  3. Chris Giovagnoni February 12, 2009

    This post, as it now reads, is an edited version of the original post. Several sentences have been deleted.

  4. Barbara M. January 14, 2009

    This is truly what it is all about! I sometimes wonder if my letters REALLY matter. Indeed they do. This story inspires and motivates me to be ever faithful to these children. At times I struggle with what to say, have I said this before? Are their eyes glazing over? No matter. The fact that we write and they know we care, that is what is important.

  5. Geri January 14, 2009

    What a wonderful young lady and how proud her family and sponsor must be of her. Once more it shows how important our letters are.

  6. Juli Jarvis January 13, 2009

    Beautiful photos; beautiful young lady! I can only imagine how proud her sponsor is of all Magline has overcome. God has special plans for Magline; that’s for sure.

  7. Ken M. January 13, 2009

    This is another story of why it is important to write to your children and always lift them up in prayer. With letters and prayers, God can work through any situation. Let your children know that you love them and think about them. I pray a bright future for all of our children.

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