Bringing Joy: My Best Day in Ministry

Bringing joy Kenneth Kataryeba, a learning and support specialist for East Africa, shares the story of a girl in a wheelchair whom he just met, and how bringing joy to children and helping lift them from the misery of poverty is how he really gets paid.


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  1. Jay Hartwell November 4, 2009

    Kenneth – thank you for your work and the work of Compassion reaching out to God’s children.

    Stories like this are permanently embedded in our hearts and gives a clear picture of the reality and need to offer hope to our children worldwide.

  2. Lindy October 23, 2009

    I loved this Blog! Kenneth’s attitude of love and caring, and the the story of the little girl in the wheelchair have been warming my heart all day today!

  3. James Lanchester October 23, 2009

    I know what kenneth is talking about, saying that seeing these children, and helping them is his pay. I used to be a custodian at my church, and the church has a nursery school there, and watching those kids, and them visiting with me when I was working at the school that was worth more then the pay which I was making. I wasn’t doing anything for them except fixing whatever, but being with them was very precious.

  4. Amy Wallace October 23, 2009

    I don’t know if I heard right, but did he say that the little girl was abandoned because her parents thought that keeping her would cause their cows to die? That’s incredibly heartbreaking, but thankfully, Compassion was there to help her.

    I like what he said about watching the children escape from poverty was his salary.

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