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Who Do You Say We Are?

business-reputation My husband and I recently adopted a puppy from the local humane society. When we got her home, she was a normal, happy, playful puppy. But within a few days, symptoms of kennel cough showed up.

So like a good pet parent, off to the vet I went.

I chose my dog’s vet based on the online ratings I saw on Google. They said this vet was the “best vet in town,” “caring,” “knowledgeable” and that people “wouldn’t trust their pups with anyone else.” And the vet’s website emphasizes his trustworthiness and that health is the office’s first priority.

However, my experience brought to mind that for people, as well as businesses, who we say we are and how we actually act can often be quite different.

After three visits in three days, I was completely disillusioned with the quality of service I received. No amount of four-star ratings on Google will change my opinion. My vet may think he is trustworthy, but I feel like he just wants my money.

At Compassion we describe ourselves as:

This is our personality. This is who we think we are.

You may also view this video, What Is Compassion? [3] on YouTube.

But do we actually live up to this? Or are these just adjectives we have used to label ourselves?

Every decision we make is based on our “distinctives” — child focused, church based, Christ centered and committed to integrity. But are we really who we think we are?

Based on your interactions with us here, on Facebook and Twitter, and via email and phone calls, how would you describe us?