twitter party I remember the summer I began blogging. I sat in my dining room – pen and paper in one hand, phone in the other – and feverishly took notes as a friend told me how to become a blogger.

At first it sounded like a foreign language – registering a URL, creating a Blogger account, designing a header image. I was asked if I had heard of Twitter, which I had thanks to a Newsweek article earlier that summer.

twitter logo

While there was a lot of information to process, one instruction in particular resonated with me:

“Get on Twitter. Now.”

The truth is that chatting on Twitter came naturally to me, and my Twitter following grew much more quickly than my blog audience. As all bloggers realize, influence can mean many things and include a variety of platforms.

Some bloggers today pin a recipe image and suddenly their traffic blows up. Others post a link on Facebook and their engagement goes through the roof.

For me, Twitter is a powerhouse in my personal arsenal of blog promotion tools.

Twitter has been a way to allow people to get to know me personally in between blog posts. They know what I eat for lunch, what I enjoy doing with my family on the weekend, if my cat is up to crazy antics, and what music I listen to while I work.

They like the funny things that I send out 140 characters at a time as I navigate my way through the day. And they trust my opinions.

For Compassion Bloggers, this last part is key, but it’s the whole picture that gets us to this key place of trust. Engaging with current readers – and possibly more important, potential readers!

Twitter allows bloggers to be known, liked, and trusted by people who have made Twitter their platform of choice, and for Compassion Bloggers, that means that their ministry is not falling on deaf ears.

When I traveled with Compassion to Tanzania in May of 2012, I worried that my blog posts wouldn’t have the impact that I hoped for, bringing new sponsors to waiting Compassion kids.

I felt that perhaps my tweets would effect change, however, because I had seen it happen so many times before over my five years of tweeting. Time and time again I hear from followers who have made purchases based on my tweets.

Couldn’t the same platform be used to find new sponsors?

I know how tough it can be to balance everything we need to do as bloggers, and it seems like every day brings a new item to our to-do list. I’ll admit fully that right now I’ve got my head in the Google+ sand!

With that said, Twitter is a consistently useful tool in this ever-changing social media landscape. And like that friend who led me to the blogging world, I cannot stress this advice enough:

“Get on Twitter. Now.”

Join us tonight for a Twitter party with Amy! The party will be from 8:00-9:00 PM eastern time and prizes will be given away throughout the hour. It should be a lot of fun. Hope you can make it!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Amy Lupold Bair, blogger, social media marketer, and mom, is the founder of Resourceful Mommy Media. She is a Compassion Sponsor and blogged with us from Tanzania in 2012.

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  1. Sep 17, 2013
    at 10:49 pm

    Thank you for hosting such a fun Twitter party tonight! I think it is great that each one of us can find what social media tools we are comfortable with and do our best to share there about the wonderful things Compassion is doing to help release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

  2. Sep 24, 2013
    at 10:57 am

    I love Twitter for connecting with other bloggers, sharing about Compassion, and keeping people in the know about our blog. The Compassion blogger Twitter parties have been a wealth of inspiration, and I am forever blessed by being part of such a wonderful community!

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