Hug it Out

On National Hug Day, these inspiring huggers will make your heart melt and motivate you to wrap your arms around someone to hug it out!

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The Making of a Role Model

“I remember the day my mother brought me to my aunt’s house in Addis. She cried so much when she said goodbye and left. For a long time, I always believed she would come back for me. But she never did,” says Sameson. That was the day Sameson lost his mother.

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When Is a Toy More Than Just a Toy?

Take a glimpse into the powerful and magical world of toys in the lives of children in poverty. For them, a toy is more than just a toy.

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Top 10 Instagram Photos of 2015

Through our Instagram photos, we strive to tell the stories of the children and families our programs serve. We not only want to share in their joys and hardships, but to celebrate their talents and personalities.

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How To Empower a Child

The framework of donor as hero and the poor as thankful charity cases can do long-term damage. It subtly whispers to a person in poverty, “The donors are special; they have the power. You’re poor and different from them.” This can create a mindset of dependency that says, “I can’t do it myself; I’m dependent on someone else to do things for me.”

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Inequality in Mexico

Inequality in Mexico has increased in the last decade, exposing a growing gap in between the poor and the rich. There is a hurting division in society marked by lack of income and educational opportunities.

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Foster Development, Not Dependence

Development is what Compassion is about. We don’t want to give a handout; we want to do the things that will truly help a child become a self-sustaining, responsible adult.

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Dear Teacher

You saw me every day. You saw who I really was in spite of appearances, abilities, and economic status. You saw who I could become.

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Child Development and Community Development: Is One Better Than the Other?

How we go about fighting extreme poverty contrasts with how other organizations work toward the same goal. We fight poverty personally; whereas, many organizations fight communally.

I don’t mean that other organizations aren’t personally invested or committed to eliminating extreme poverty. I mean that a child focused, child development approach to fighting poverty is distinctly different than a broader community development approach.

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The Journey Back to School

Shuffling your kiddo back to school means filling that pack to the brim with the necessities. As you’re getting your child ready for another year, enjoy these beautiful photos of the journeys to school – and backpacks – of three children in our program in Kenya, the Philippines and India!

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How Do You Fight Human Trafficking?

Daniela didn’t think she would ever be released by her kidnappers. But thanks to the actions of one church, an entire town rose up to fight human trafficking in their community.

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Poverty Tourism vs. Pilgrimage

In its worst expression, poverty tourism is not just the exploitation of one group — the poor — it is the exploitation of two groups, those visited and those visiting.

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