visit uganda We’re celebrating 5 years of blogging for Compassion with a trip to Uganda – where it all began. Want to join us? Go here and tell us about yourself.

This isn’t a mission trip.

We’ll be traveling to Uganda as online journalists – asking great questions, listening intently, writing the stories of the children Compassion serves. We won’t build, teach, or dig anything. But that doesn’t mean it’s an easy trip.

Bloggers who travel with us often remark that it’s the hardest writing they’ve ever done. Every day you will walk a mile or two, see things that will break your heart, and ingest massive amounts of information…while jet-lagged. And then the hard work begins: putting your experience into words.

You need not apply if…

You need not apply if you’re afraid to travel – this is a long flight on a big plane and then a short flight on a little bitty one.

Skip this trip if you don’t like meeting new people and having new experiences – you’ll have a roommate, bounce around the country with strangers who should become your friends, and there’s no telling what you’ll eat.

And please don’t apply if you’re too grown up to make a fool of yourself for the amusement of the children (and the rest of us) – you might be asked to participate in a relay in which you spell your name with your backside (It’s happened).

But if you’re willing to get on a plane, explore a new culture, learn about Compassion’s ministry, and stare at your screen late into the night (or early morning) until the words come…you should totally give it a shot.

Read the entire post by Shaun Groves.

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  1. Jul 5, 2013
    at 8:58 am

    The only thing freaking me out at this point is the “there’s no telling what you’ll eat” bit. :O This vegetarian may be surviving off of a stash of Luna bars in my bag!

  2. Jul 5, 2013
    at 9:16 am

    this is my dream…

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