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Do Sponsored Children Have Expectations of Their Sponsors?

child expectations Pastor Sam, the director of Immanuel Child Development Center in India, shares his feelings of gratefulness to sponsors — gratefulness for the vital role they play in the holistic development of children in poverty [3].

Here are his thoughts about a sponsor’s involvement in a child’s life.

Parental love is the first love a child receives. However, there are many children who are born orphans and many children whose parents desert them when they are still children.

Also, in many homes, parents end up fighting with each other and this leaves an impact on these little minds. The lives of the children become miserable when they don’t receive or experience love.

You play a major role in the development of children. You are instruments in the hands of God to demonstrate His care to children who don’t know what love is all about. When children receive no love at home, it’s common for them to seek from you the love they miss from their parents.

You help care for the all aspects of the welfare of the children — spiritual, educational, social, physical and financial. You help release children from poverty by giving them education and securing their life by helping bring them into local churches, thus raising them as good and responsible citizens of the society.

Not only that, your unceasing prayers for your sponsored children go a long way in granting the children a bright and prosperous future.

In developing countries like India, the role you play is extremely important. You are a great blessing to churches all over. Through you, churches grow. The church is able to go into places where once we were not able to. The church is able to influence the society.

The majority of churches in India are not in a position to raise funds. Most businesspeople and industrialists are not Christians. We rarely find them with a vision to help children [4]. Hence, we depend on our brethren like you.

Even today, the Lord cries out with the same words that Isaiah heard, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”

You are the ones who have responded to this call with the words “Here am I.” You are the ones who have responded to God’s commission.

And sponsored children do have expectations of you because of this. Though the children definitely feel highly obliged to you for the financial help and gifts, they also expect something more.

The children love to read the letters you send. The letters are a source of inspiration, love and encouragement for them. The letters gives them a deep sense of joy to know that somebody, in some corner of the world, remembers them and cares for them.

Through your letters, children understand your emotions and ambitions. You guide and counsel your sponsored children through the letters.

Every child longs to see his or her sponsor, at least once in lifetime, to see the face of the person who resides in some distant part of the world, and who loves, without being seen, and cares, sometimes more than the parents.

You also desire to see your sponsored children, and many times you never get this opportunity. However, even if you are not able to see the child in this world, you should be able to see the child in heaven. This should be the burning desire in your heart.

In order that this becomes a reality, you must regularly pray for your sponsored children and their spiritual growth. In this way, you are able to influence not only the life of the child alone, but also the entire family and society. The sponsored child becomes a powerful agent in days to come, influencing the society and nation. The child begins to be an advocate for other children in the society.

Sponsoring children in need [5] enables one to discover the joy that comes from blessing someone else’s life! We may not be able to transform the entire world, but we can surely make a notable difference in the life of our sponsored children! It would give us a sense of fulfillment, of satisfaction to restore the true joy of childhood to the children.