Child Survival Program: Saving and Transforming Lives

helping the poor When Saroj was admitted to the hospital in India, things took an uneasy turn for her. The doctor’s words still echo in her ears:

“We can save only the mother or the child.”

Both Saroj and her unborn baby were in serious condition, and it seemed certain only one of them could survive. Her family members took her to three different hospitals, and every doctor had only the same words to say.

Saroj is married to Brijpal, who works as a mason whenever he gets work.

Fortunately when Saroj was three months pregnant, she was registered with the Child Survival Program.

At the time of her hospital admittance, when the lives of mother and baby were critically at risk, we prayed for them sincerely. The right hospital was identified and Saroj was rushed there immediately.

We took care of all her medical expenses. And thanks to God, both mother and child were saved.

helping the poor

Saroj is now in good health. Her healthy, active child is a year and a half old.

We regularly give Saroj training in cleanliness, immunization and health issues.

In fact, our timely intervention has helped save the lives of many mothers like Saroj.

Like Ganga. Ganga comes from the village of Belawala and is another example of a life positively affected. Her husband’s irregular work and their poor income took a severe toll on Ganga, who, as a result of poverty, lives in a one-room house with a kitchen but no toilet.

And in addition to her son, Himanshu, she has elderly in-laws to look after.

When Himanshu was born, he had a small hole in his neck that worried Ganga immensely. The Child Survival Program staff visited her family and provided money for the child’s treatment. The staff also prayed for the child.

The Lord heard our prayers, and her son recovered from the affliction. Since then, Ganga has been associated with the Child Survival Program. She is regularly supplied with nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables.

She also receives warm clothing, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair oil, washing soap and shampoo.

Ganga now vows to educate Himanshu and help him scale great heights in life.

Similar to Ganga’s story, Rekha, also has great dreams for her son, Ronak, who is just 2 months old. Rekha is also from the village of Belawala. She lives with her husband, Ashok, in a three-room mud house.

To supplement her family’s income, Rekha sometimes works as a helper in her neighbor’s fields during harvest time in exchange for some grain. But now that she has a baby, she has no time to work.

With the increased expense of taking care of the child, and with decreased income, she finds it difficult to make ends meet.

Due to a lack of nutritious food, her son was sick and unhealthy. She had no awareness regarding the immunization of children. Nor did she did know the necessity of eating healthy food while breast-feeding.

But through the Child Survival Program she was trained in various topics such as breast-feeding, immunization and hygienic living. She was also supplied with nutritious food.

Her son is now healthy and active, and Rekha now puts her trust in Jesus, attending all spiritual meetings held in church and at the center.

Like Saroj, Ganga and Rekha, hundreds of other mothers have benefited and their children’s futures have been positively changed because of the Child Survival Program.

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  1. Lizzie November 1, 2012

    So encouraging to hear stories like these.

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