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I chose my sponsored child . . .

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  1. Allyson March 23, 2012

    I was at a student life camp (I am in middle school) and was going to pick a girl from India because my mom had just come home from a mission trip in India. Then my mom(who was there with me) signed me up for another boy from India. I was very upset that I would not be sponsoring the first girl. Eventually I ended up sponsoring both of them. A few months later she ended up moving to a place where Compassion does not work. I am still glad I was able to sponsor her briefly. I still sponsor him.

  2. Brianna July 8, 2010

    I was asked by a friend to participate in a Compassion Sunday table at our church. As we stood there looking at the packets, little Christ-Darline from Haiti kept grabbing my attention. I had not planned on sponsoring a child at that point in my life because I was a college student with little money, and knew I would be pursuing grad school in two years.

    Still, God was pulling on my heart strings, and although I didn’t know anything about Haiti, I told myself that if no one chose to sponsor her by the end of our time, that I would step out on faith and trust that God would allow me to find the funds to sponsor her.

    I continue to sponsor her today, two years later.

    It’s become such an incredibly enriching thing for me. I carry a picture of her in my wallet, and I’ll tell you why. Living on a budget, trying to repay my college loans, with no long term work in a bruised economy, it provides me the opportunity to think about everything I am about to purchase.

    When I open my wallet, and see that picture, and know that I might need to choose between a new outfit or a nice meal, and the opportunity to put a smile on her sweet face by sending a little extra at Christmas or her birthday, the decision becomes much easier. Putting someone above myself – putting her NEEDS above my WANTS – has enriched my relationship with the Lord so deeply, and I am so blessed to sponsor her.

    Down the road, I would love to sponsor a second child, but I won’t do that until I know I can sponsor two children FULLY, for the long haul. I’ve had people suggest that $38 a month would be the logical place to curb my expenses, but I knew when I made the commitment that I would trust the Lord through ALL circumstances, and not give up on her if times were a little rough for me.

    I have a roof. I have 3 meals a day. I have a family that loves and supports me. I have JESUS. I have all I NEED.

    So, I can have Compassion…

  3. annabelle June 22, 2010

    Because he was the oldest available child. It also happened to be his birthday when I made the decision.

  4. Danae May 1, 2010

    i was curious to see if there were any children available in peru with my birthday and i found mirella. 🙂

    i chose peru because every january i visit a small city in peru with a team from my church and i have absolutely fallen in love with those people. also, since i go there once a year it’s more likely that i will be able to visit mirella. and hopefully more than once. 🙂

    i also was hoping for a child with my birthday just because it’s something we can share. something we have in common. and it’s extra special this year because she is exactly half my age. 🙂

  5. Kees Boer April 20, 2010

    Annie, is your second child Annie from Peru?

  6. Annie Garcia April 20, 2010

    Oh, also, my second child, Annie, had her hands on her hips in her photo, sort of like she had an attitude. I couldn’t help but sponsor her after that!! 🙂

  7. Annie Garcia April 20, 2010

    I have 3 girls that I sponsor and 3 correspondence children. Obviously, the correspondent children were a gift from God and I did not choose them. My other 3 girls all have a story, though.
    The first child I sponsored is a joint sponsor with our praise band. We chose her at a Compassion Sunday 2 years ago and her birthday is the same as my brother’s, who is also in the praise band.
    That next summer, I felt like God was telling me to sponsor another child. So I went to the website and found a little girl from Peru that had the same name as me – Annie! I sponsored her right then, of course!
    After I became an Advocate, my first event to work was a Bebo Norman concert in my hometown. As I was browsing the child packets during the concert, I found a little girl from Mexico who only had a mother. Her birthday was also the same as my husband’s! And my husband is from Mexico. So I also sponsor her now.

  8. Karolina April 20, 2010

    … because it was unbelivable that someone so cute and who`s name is Lucky had been waiting for sponsor over 6 months!

  9. Nicole April 19, 2010

    While choosing a sponsor, I knew I would like to chose a child from an AIDS affected area in Africa. My heart has always been broken for those children. I also wanted to make sure that the child was 13 or so years old, hoping that he could be a leader to the younger children in his village. Also, I wanted to see the glory of God shining through in his smile. I narrowed it down that way. Then Bingo! I have found such a sweet 13 yr old boy in Kenya w/ a smile that could light up the whole world!!! That smile alone made me realize that he was the one I should sponsor. He is so full of the Lord and asks to remain in His will. I’m so proud of him!

  10. Karina April 19, 2010

    I chose my child because his birthday is the same date (11/15) as the due date of twins that I miscarried. Our child is a year older than our twins might have been. I also chose him because he was from Kenya and my friend Jennifer McKinney was on a Compassion blogging trip in Kenya at the time.

  11. Jon April 19, 2010

    I chose my first sponsored child (from El Salvador) when his picture was the first to show up on the website and he shared the same birthday as me. Plus, he was wearing a shirt with my favorite colors, orange and blue. It was as if God was clearly saying, “This is the one.” I sponsored him for 4 years. We shared a very deep bond after many letters and 3 visits. Sadly, he moved away in 2008.

    I’ve since chosen two other boys from El Salvador, and each one just jumped out at me from their pictures. I just couldn’t put their packet down.

    I believe God moves in very specific ways…and child sponsorship is no different.

  12. Paige April 19, 2010

    our first little girl, Mary, we sponsored was with World Vision. They chose her for me. She ended up having a birthday close to my daughter who was born later. I chose NJ from Rwanda because he had been waiting for a long time, was also in an AIDS affected area, and also had the same birthday as Mary. Our third little boy, Jose from Nicaragua, I chose because he was SO cute but his picture looked like he’d kick your butt. Haha! His packet said he was 9 and enjoyed art and teaching others. I thought that was so unique.

  13. Jennifer Fisher April 19, 2010

    When I saw Miurell it was 7 years ago when she was 4 years old. Purely, love at first sight. Could not get her off my mind when I saw her. She will be 11 in June. Go to our compassion on my wall and you can see her now 🙂

  14. Terry April 19, 2010

    Because God broke my heart. I met “my” child on a vision trip and did not intend on sponsoring another child but when we met – there was a “God connection” that is the only explanation. There was a “soul attraction” between us…at least for me anyway. I can’t really speak for him although some have said we look like family! 😀

  15. Sarah Mac April 19, 2010

    Both of my sponsored girls were chosen because of the two most recent Compassion Bloggers Trips. I followed Angie Smith’s blog while she was in India. That was my first introduction to Compassion. I started looking around at the kids on Even though the trip was in India, I somehow ended up drawn to searching girls in Uganda. Caroline’s face grabbed me immediately. She just looked sassy. She had the same look on her face that I had in a picture of me at 9 years old. I have since received 6 letters from her in under a year. I absolutely love this kiddo to pieces! She IS sassy. Her favorite sport is dodgeball and she knows perfect English 🙂

    I was pulled to sponsor another kid after the recent bloggers trip to Kenya. I kept on searching and searching, trying every parameter saying that I would not sponsor another kid unless it was obvious that she/he was supposed to be mine. One little girl showed up in every single search, no matter what I typed in. I opened her profile and wasn’t sure, so I closed out. Searched again. She showed up AGAIN. Looked closer and (Hello God!) her birthday was the same week as one of my best friends that was killed a couple of years ago. Ok, God, you win 🙂 So now I also sponsor Mwongeli from Kenya, she is about to turn 8 this summer. I haven’t received any letters from her yet, but I am excited for the first one!

  16. Angela April 19, 2010

    My Compassion child is in Thailand. I chose her with hopes that may materialize in getting to meet her one day. I have family friends working for Wycliffe Bible Translations who have lived in Thailand for many years. Other family members travel several times a year to Thailand to visit. I have hopes to one day visit both.

  17. Ben April 19, 2010

    …because she’s from Colombia, which is where my sister-in-law is from.

  18. heather April 19, 2010

    My husband and I sponsor six children. And all I can say is that every child I sponsor, I sponsored because when I saw them I couldn’t say no. There are many children and I’d love to sponsor them all, but these six kids are “ours” and we knew upon seeing each of them that they were part of our family.

  19. Janice Abdalla April 19, 2010

    We chose Beatriz in Brazil because my husband is from Brazil, and both of our children were born there. My husband’s family live in the same state as Beatriz. We thought we’d have more opportunity to visit her someday when we’re back there visiting family. When we saw her photo, her sweet smile moved our hearts to want to be part of her life. She’s right in the middle, age-wise, of our children, so the kids can relate to her and the things she likes to do.

  20. Julie April 19, 2010

    When I was in high school, my mom had a miscarriage. My family responded by sponsoring two children (a boy and a girl) who had the names that my mom had picked out for the baby.

    The boy that my husband and I sponsor lives in Haiti (a country that has been in my heart since a missions trip I was planning to take there was canceled due to civil unrest). He had been waiting for a sponsor for a long time and it said that he enjoyed singing and soccer. He seemed like a perfect fit for our musical, soccer-loving family!

    Becoming his sponsor was my first Mother’s Day present and he truly has been a gift!

  21. Amy April 19, 2010

    I chose Lauzi because she is from Kenya and I wanted to sponsor a child from a country affected by AIDS; because she is sight-impaired (I don’t know how often special needs children are sponsored); and because she’s a girl. I just don’t understand little boys very well. LOL. Also, and most important, because I felt she was the one the Lord was leading me to sponsor her.

  22. Michelle April 19, 2010

    I chose my Compassion child, because he had been waiting over six months for a sponsor and he was from an AIDS affected country. Those were two things God had laid on my heart when I went to chose a child to sponsor. My next sponsored child will be one who shares a birthday with my daughter so they can communicate with one another.

  23. Ann April 19, 2010

    We chose our children because of their birthdates. The first shares the same birthday (month, date, and year) as my oldest daughter, and is a girls as well. The second shares the same birth month and year as my youngest daughter – and is also a girls. The third was born on the day my husbandand I were married, and is also from Haiti – a place close to our hearts (sponsored thru another org.)

  24. Rachael April 19, 2010

    I sponsored my first child just after I started working in my first “real” job. Compassion chose Brayan from Honduras for me. I was able to visit him on a sponsor tour. My second child, Racheal from Uganda, I chose from the website because we share the same name. I read an article in the newspaper about mothers in Haiti making mudpies for their children to eat and immediately was called to sponsor Edriceline. I feel such a connection to all of them. Especially after visiting one. Each is actually a precious, different, child, and not just a photo.

  25. Jessie April 19, 2010

    We chose our first child because he was born on the exact date we were married. It sure makes it easy to remember his birthday and how old he is! He enjoyed when we shared that with him.

    We chose our second after a mission trip to Guatemala. We searched for children in Guatemala who had been waiting the longest. The Lord drew us right to him from the list.

  26. Colleen April 19, 2010

    One was chosen by Compassion (with God’s guiding I am sure). About a year later we did a compassion sunday event and there was a girl who did not get sponsored in the packets compassion sent out. There was no way we could send the packet back without her being sponsored-I think we already loved her! We hadn’t been planning on sponsoring another child at that time, but I am so glad we made the choice to do so!

  27. Karen A. April 19, 2010

    I chose my compassion children to match up with our biological children. Same gender and same ages. My husband was born in Colombia so we chose Colomian children.

  28. matt bortmess April 19, 2010

    We chose our Compassion child b/c he was from Kenya (have a huge heart and love for that country), his name was Collins (our oldest is Colin) and he is 6 years old (same age as one of our daughters). I really wanted to give our children a sense of connection with this child on the other side of the planet. And now they pray for him each night at bedtime.
    So honored to be able to sponsor Collins!

  29. Stacey Crossley April 19, 2010

    We chose our first Compassion child (in Kenya) because God placed his beautiful face onto our hearts. Though his eyes exude kindness and love, we weren’t certain he would otherwise be sponsored soon given his older age.

    Over the years we have watched as he has grown into a beautiful young man with a serving heart and a love for the Lord that continues to astound us given his circumstances (he shows our family constantly how God is in control, no need to worry). You can only imagine he has inspired us with his grace and his unfailing faith. We are so thankful God steered us to his profile.

  30. Lindsay April 19, 2010

    … because when I saw the picture of his little four year old self I noticed the zipper on his pants was down and I couldn’t help but laugh.

  31. Amanda April 19, 2010

    Was going on a trip to Kenya and knew I would get to meet my sponsored child. Next time, we will choose based on birthday to start the legacy of sponsorship in our kids…

  32. Brad Ruggles April 19, 2010

    We have two sponsored children. Our first boy, Sabato from Tanzania, we chose as a family sitting at the computer looking through the kids who were waiting the longest. My girls were a part of the process helping look at the photos and reading some of their stories.

    The second girl was picked by someone else on our behalf as part of our recent Compassion Bloggers trip to Kenya. It was a God-thing though because Ivon is just an angel. Plus she has a birthday only one day away from my oldest daughter.

  33. Michelle October 2, 2009

    I saw one of those programs on tv about sponsoring children (like I had many times before…) and on that particular day I decided to surf the net and typed in “sponsor children” in the search bar.

    Luckily I found Compassion, because I LOVE this program and the close relationship it allows with the children.

    The picture of my little girl, Ludis, drew my attention first. She looked so solemn. Then I read that she lived with her grandparents and was nine years old and NOT attending school!?!? As a teacher, that horrified me. Especially as she was one of the longest waiting kids….

    So. Now I have a little girl named Ludis and I am forever grateful.

    Someday I’ll add to the family… :o)

  34. Amy Brooke March 15, 2009

    I chose my child in Rwanda because I had read about the genocide there. Even though she hadn’t been born yet, I’m sure that people she knows were. I wanted to encourage her and her family and be a bit of a peace maker there.

    My other child was chosen for me by Compassion. I had been sponsoring Delia in Ecuador because she spoke Spanish and I took that in high school and a bit in college. I probably couldn’t really talk to her in her language, but I liked the idea of knowing some words. When Delia’s parents took her out of the program, Compassion assigned me another little girl, Ambar, in Ecuador.

  35. Mike Stephens March 14, 2009

    I give Dave a 56/10 for his answer!!! I “think” I know the reason I sponsored but I am going to relinquish “the reason” I came up with in my mind when I was sponsoring and the REAL reason I sponsored is because God pre-ordained it before I was born!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

  36. Robbin March 14, 2009

    I chose my sponsored child when I saw she had the same birthday. But the main reason was when I saw she was in an AIDS country, I knew I just wanted to be able to help her out as much as I could. I had just lost my child before (who happened to be born in Guatemala where I was born – the reason I picked HIM) because he stopped participating in the Compassion Program – and I had finally gone back to Guatemala to see the country I hadn’t been in since I was born. But at least I got to meet him and I can still pray for him.

  37. Amy March 14, 2009

    I didn’t choose my sponsored children – God did. He put them in my life for a reason.

  38. Jaime November 12, 2008

    I learned about Compassion at a Hillsong United concert. I have always had a huge heart for children and a strong desire to adopt and make a difference in their lives. After the concert, I went home and researched Compassion International online. I knew this was it! After weeks and weeks of looking at these children online and praying, I have now sponsored Amanuel, Johley, Fern, Stephano, and Henry. I love them so much and plan to visit each of them someday. Compassion has made such an amazing impact on my family. It’s funny how God provides for us…I knew we couldn’t afford to sponsor these children with my husband being laid off work this year but yet the money is there to give. God works in mysterious ways. I look forward to sponsoring more children in the future…If you have any doubt financially but your heart says YES…Go for it! With God all things are possible!

  39. Mary K. October 29, 2008

    Because my daughter, now in her twenties, was adopted from Guatemala, I looked for a girl from Guatemala to sponsor. Like other sponsors, I chose (was led to) Yakeyli because of something special in her photo – she’d also been waiting a long time for a sponsor. She is a bright girl and I’m looking forward to a long and special relationship!

  40. Ken M. October 29, 2008

    I love how God works things out. God meant for you to sponsor Juan and put his hand in the situation. Now he’s your child the way God had planned from the beginning.

  41. Misty October 29, 2008

    Ok. So now I actually have to share one of my stories, since it is bringing me to tears this morning.

    Sometimes I look at children using the longest waiting search and 99% of the time none of the children “say” I am your child. Monday, I searched, and two photos were jumping out. Kaio and Juan. I thought, wow, I can’t sponsor 2 more kids! So, I left it overnight and looked again on Tuesday. Both were still there. I decided to pick Juan and opened up his picture which gives the link to sponsor. But I paused and asked God which child? And the answer was clear, BOTH! But I hestitated, and asked again. And got the same answer. I went to click on the link to sponsor Juan, and the website said sorry, another sponsor has chosen this child. His photo was gone from the site. I was very sad, I knew I had lost something precious. I did go ahead and sign up Kaio. And prayed for the sponsor Juan had gotten.

    Today, I felt the need to search longest waiting again. (and here come the tears) and Juan’s photo was back!! I don’t know what happened to the other sponsor, but I am grateful that I had another opportunity to sponsor my child and welcome him into my family. And guess what? Today, the actual day I sponsored Juan is is Birthday. He turned 6 years old today.

    Isn’t God truly amazing?

    God bless.

  42. Michael Scarbrough October 28, 2008

    …because their genders AND birthdays matched my own children’s. (Well, two birthdays match exactly and one is only three days off.) I wanted my three children to “grow up with” our Compassion kids, get to know them, and through that understand more of what it means to have need. I also thought that, as my own children developed and matured, it would remind me of the development of my “other three” around the world.

    I also chose our Compassion kids from different areas of the world so we would gain more understanding of, and appreciation for, various cultures.

    So even though I didn’t pick them for the look on their face or some intangible reason, it hasn’t prevented me from growing to love Antony (12, India), Yadira (10, Ecuador), and Otimong (5, Uganda) like my own kids!

    PS: this approach also really helps me with remembering to arrange birthday gifts for my sponsored children.

  43. Kees Boer October 28, 2008

    I choose my children all in the same country to be able to go visit them, which I did.

    Then just 15 minutes ago, I sponsored another child. Can you guess where??? In Bolivia, LOL. It’s kind of interesting, because I might have met her before, when I was at her project. I was actually wondering whether to sponsor her or another child. So, just 1/2 hour ago, I had to run to the store and the checkout lady had the same name as her, so I choose her and I had also been thinking about sponsoring her for the last 4 weeks.


  44. crystal October 28, 2008

    My children were chosen in different ways. The first two I chose were from Rwanda, because I had heard of the country and its troubles. The original plan was to choose children close to my own children’s ages. However, one was chosen who was younger, because she was obviously ill and very small for her age. I chose several specifically because they were not attending school. One boy was so sweet/cute. His family could not afford to send all their children so they chose to send each child on a rotating basis. He believed it was finally his turn. He was so excited about the opportunity. He did not yet understand he would now be able to attend school every year. One child was chosen for me by compassion as a longest waiting child. And finally, my last child was chosen because his face called to my heart. One night I was suddenly filled with the desire to sponsor another child. I knew I wanted an older child in Africa. I kept coming back to his photograph and finally accepted he was who the spirit was leading me to support. I know some people might find choosing just one child daunting because it can feel like rejecting others. Just try to remember, God has already selected you as the perfect match for his child. He just might send the notice differently. So, whether you are drawn to a photo, you are timed to move just when your child has been waiting the longest, or you are handed the packet; you always end up with the “right one.”

  45. Dana October 28, 2008

    I’d heard about Compassion thought friends from new Zealand who have two sponsor children. I have sponsor children with a couple of other organizations, but like what I’d read about Compassion and decided to sponsor with them. I’ve chosen all of my children though the website. I have three girls and one boy.

    Hector’s picture jumped out at me and I knew I had to sponsor him. He’s from Ecuador and is too little to write, so his Mom writes on his behalf. In her first letter she shared that Hector suffers from severe allergies that require daily medication and could I please pray for him. Her most recent letter said that Hector had spend five says in the hospital as a result of his allergies but that he’s better now.

    My second child, Karina, is a little girl from Brazil. I was drawn to her because she lives with her grandparents, though her Dad is still alive. He’s just not able to care for her.

    My third child is a little girl from Indonesia – Lita. I’m a huge fan of Steven Curtis Chapman’s music and when he tragically lost his youngest daughter in a car accident, I wanted to do something in honour of Maria. I was going to donate to Maria’s Miracle Fund, which helps families who are adopting, but then I saw Lita’s picture and there was something about her that made me think of Maria and I felt that I was supposed to reach out to her.

    My newest child was chosen because I wanted a child from Africa. I love Tanzania and one profile caught my attention – a little girl named Ana, who lived with her sister and another sibling. She was wearing a pretty, but worn and dirty dress, and she had old, very worn shoes on that looked like they were more suited to wearing in the military – you know those bulky lace-up kinds? She looked so sad and serious in her picture. I prayed for awhile but really felt God leading me to sponsor her, so I did. I’m assuming she’s lost her parents to either Malaria or AIDS and I wanted to reach out and touch her life, let hew know that someone out there was praying for her and loving her.

    So those are my little angels – each one so precious and such a wonderful gift from God.

  46. Wendy in Iowa October 28, 2008

    Over the last few years we have selected 3 children online. 1 we had a left over packets from Compassion Sunday. 3 have been selected for us 2 as sponsored children and 1 as a correspondace child.

    When I talked to the rep as 2 of our kids left and they wanted to transfer our sponsorship to 2 other children. I told him that we would take whom ever they sent us. We had just prayed about adding a 3rd dog to our home, if that prayer was answered, then the prayer of a child wanting a sponsor should also be answered.

  47. Heather October 27, 2008

    I chose my sponsored girls because they are from Africa and I have a great passion for that continent. Both of my sponsored girls are from Ethiopia.One is 6 years old and an absolute african princess..:) The other girl is 18 years old and I just started sponsoring her around a month ago. I just recieved a letter from her! 🙂 That was so quick!! Normally it takes awhile but this time I was so happy and surprised..:) Both also are in AIDS affected areas-another cause I feel strongly about!! 🙂

  48. Heather October 27, 2008

    I chose my two sponsered girls because they lived in Ethiopia and I have a great passion for Africa. The one girl is 6 years old an an absolute African princess and named Kalkidan. I love her name! I partially chose her because she could be my own daughter. I’m only 27 here..:) The other lovely girl is 18 years old. I can’t remember how to spell her name right now and I’ve only started sponsering her last month. She’s already sent me a letter! They are both in AIDS stricken areas..another cause I care deeply about! 🙂

  49. lydia October 27, 2008

    My first girl, Haleluya from Ethiopia, was a present from my parents for Christmas. I picked her from the website because I thought she had a beautiful name. For my birthday my parents gave me Emebet also from Ethiopia. I picked her because her packet was at our church and I wanted another girl from the same country. I choose my third girl, Vanesa from El Salvadore, because she was thirteen. Compassion was advocating older children sponsorship at the time and since I was paying for her (and I’m in high school and don’t really have a job) I thought an older child would be better since the commitment wasn’t as long.
    Compassion picked both of my correspondence children for me. Hollanda from Haiti was the first. I’m glad they picked her for me because I never would have because she is a year older than me (She’s 18), but I think I’m learning a lot from her. The second was Angel, a ten year old boy from El Salvadore. Again, Compassion picked him, and I was glad to be able have another child from El Salvadore.
    I would have agree with Misty though, God definitely planned that I would get those five kids.

  50. Misty October 27, 2008

    I could tell stories about how “I” selected each of my kids. But, they truly were all gifts from God. God knew who my children were, long before I did and He guided my mouse clicks to the right kid!

    God bless.

  51. Tom Easterday October 27, 2008

    Our first child was chosen 10 years ago to remember Jim Elliot, who were killed in Ecuador in the 50’s. We picked the specific young girl because of the sterness of her little face in the photo.

    8 year later, we added a 2nd child from Honduras, a 10 year old boy this time, because he looked so sad in his photo, truly looking like he had no hope! We are blessed to receive photo after photo from him now smiling and thankful for us being his sponsors. Little does he know that he blesses us more.

    Next, we picked an older girl (17) because I was looking for a short-term committment due to retirement plans. This one was from the Dominican Republic and we were able to meet her this month at the Advocate Conference. I’ll leave the long story for my wife to share some day, but learning her story from her project facilator and project manager, we have decided that God must guided my decision to select her.

    Our 4th and newest (Angie) was just picked and totally for selfish reasons. We plan on going on a Sponsor tour to Honduras in May to meet our boy there, so I picked a little girl from the same country so we could meet her also.

    So many children. If only I could afford to sponsor them all!

    Number 4 is newly selected from Honduras and

  52. Sarah October 27, 2008

    My story is a lot like the others here. I chose my first child, John , while at a Christian concert where I first heard about compassion. My youth group soon started sponsoring two children also and even took a trip to visit them. My second child, Laura, I found on the Compassion wesite and just felt drawn to her. My third child, Sarai, I chose because of her name being so similar to mine, and also because she was born in December like me! I also have a correspondence child in India named B C and I enjoy writing back and forth with him as well.

    For anyone who thinks they can’t afford to sponsor, I am a “poor college student” but God provides! Sponsoring these children and reading their letters full of hope and joy brings such a blessing to my life. God has used this to open my eyes and my heart to the world outside of myself and my desires. I hope someday to visit my kids 🙂

  53. Judy Tremblay October 26, 2008

    I chose my sponsored child’s country because it’s where my cousin went on a mission trip.

    I chose my child because 1)he is the age of many of the students I work with at my school, 2) he had been waiting for 6 months or longer, and 3) his father is a teacher.

    I’ve only been sponsoring him for two months, and this precious 7-year-old has been the catalyst for my eyes being opened to how so many people in the world are living–both around the world, and in my own “backyard”. There are poor in our cities, and rural/agricultural areas.

    I have been on the Compassion site almost constantly learning all I can about my child’s country, and how Compassion is working around the world to help release children from poverty.

    I can’t personally save every child in Compassion’s program, but I can do what I can to change the world of my one child.

    I forget where I came across this, regarding the parable of the Good Samaritan. The priest and the Levite–who passed by the man in need–were likely thinking “What will happen to me if I help this man?” The Samaritan had a different attitude: “What will happen to this man if I don’t?”

  54. Michelle October 26, 2008

    We chose our young man from Bolivia, Juan, because was an angry looking toddler with a very bad haircut. I said, “Who will sponsor this baby, who looks so unapproachable?” My husband laughed and said, “When I saw that picture, I KNEW you would choose him!”

    Three years have passed. Juan’s pictures now portray a big, healthy boy with an enormous smile. He writes and sends drawings more often than any other child we have sponsored. The angry-looking child has become a joy to us. Thanks, Compassion!

  55. Abbie October 26, 2008

    “When I was finally making enough money babysitting to sponsor a child….”

    I loved this statement Sara.

    You have given a very special message about giving to others in one sentence alone.

    Thank you for that today!

  56. compassion dave October 26, 2008

    I have this strong sense that God made the choice long before any of us were ever born.

  57. Sara B. October 25, 2008

    I my first sponsored child when I was 16. I had wanted to sponsor for a long time and would keep track of kids on the website who I wished I could sponsor (that was before the no right click rule).

    When I was finally making enough money babysitting to sponsor a child, I chose 5 year old Uli because of her adorable smile and the joy that exuded from her picture.

    When I chose my second child I looked for an older child because I knew that I could afford to keep up the second sponsorship for at least 2-3 years. When I saw Careen I knew she was the one. The website said she was crippled in both hands, blind in one eye, and had asthma, yet despite all of the challenges, she was also above average in school. It has been an amazing relationship. Little did I know however, my plan to sponsor for a short time was not God’s. Careen was accepted into the Leadership Development Program and is now studying in the University.

    I still look through pictures on the website and wait excitedly for the day when I can sponsor another child. God draws my heart to the older children, large families, and those who have special needs.

  58. Vicki Small October 25, 2008

    One of my first two, Denisse, was pictured at age 5 yrs. with one hand on her hip and a look in her eyes that said, “Don’t mess with me!” At least, that was my first impression. Both she and the other girl were on a table outside of church during “Christmas with Compassion.” I looked and looked at all of the girls’ packets, and none jumped out at me. I finally asked myself, “Does it really matter? They all need the help.” That girl is such a joy–and two years later, a project-staff member discovered an error in Tausi’s records: She shares my birthday!

    The third was (and is) Maria. I had visited her project on a sponsor tour and knew on arrival that my next child would be in that project. I requested a girl in her age bracket from that project, as soon as I got home. She’s such a sweetheart!

    Uwizera came to me after I returned a plea from Compassion to sponsor an older child. She is 15, now, and I’ve been amazed and blessed at how she and her family have used my occasional gifts.

    Rebecca, our LDP student was included in a mailing from Compassion, containing around 10 pictures and bio’s. She is now in her junior year at university in Kenya.

  59. Sheri October 25, 2008

    Our first three children were waiting on our seats at a Rebecca St. James concert in 2001. We immediately fell in love with the packets of two little girls and a little boy, all from different parts of the world but only a few years apart in age. We had not heard of Compassion before, but we committed during the concert to becoming their sponsors.

    Two years ago I felt a pull on my heart to sponsor another child, specifically an older boy from a large family affected by the AIDS crisis in Africa. Searching the website almost daily, my heart broke for the many children but I did not feel “it”, the sign that I was meant to sponsor that child. At a Jars of Clay concert in Denver that summer my family and I stopped at the Compassion booth and my eyes immediately fell on a packet of a beautiful older boy in Africa, from a large family, who had been orphaned from AIDS. My heart recognized him immediately, and our “family of four” was complete.

    Sponsoring them is the joy of our lives, and every month we look forward to writing them letters, sending cards, notes, stickers and bookmarks, and receiving their letters in return. It gives our lives meaning, and helps us to feel connected in our (sometimes) very disconnected world.

  60. Jill October 25, 2008

    Because he was “below average” in school and I think with some encouragement and prayer he could improve in school. And there was something about his picture that drew me to him.

  61. Michael Patterson October 25, 2008

    because she was in a country that was not too far away for us to be able to afford a visit. We are forever changed by the experience of meeting the children we sponsor. We now been to visit them multiple times.

  62. Steve K. October 25, 2008

    … because he was from a Spanish-speaking country, was near the age of my boys, and was on a wait-list for more than 6 months. He dropped out of the program after 2 1/2 months, and then I was given another child by Compassion that was a little younger, different program, but in the same country.

  63. Brittany October 25, 2008

    I chose Joan because she is the same age as my daughter (they’re only about 2 months apart). Similar to Amy (#5 comment), we want our children to understand that we have a lot to be thankful for…people have different lives and we are to reach out to them, help them, etc. I figured she would understand more if they were the same age.

    Our second sponsored child has a more meaningful story (well, to me)- and I tear up as I think about it!! I have a Compassion widget on my blog and as I checked my blog one night, I happened to glance at the widget: Musee’s picture was featured and I immediately got a knot in my stomach…I had this need to just want to reach out to him and hug him. I firmly believe the Holy Spirit was moving my heart to sponsor him. I ran downstairs and basically talked (or what felt like) a billion words a second describing him to my husband. We decided that there was no way we could NOT sponsor him.

    I find it to be a wonderfully amazing thing that there are others who just *felt* the need to sponsor a specific child…isn’t God great?!!!

  64. Abbie October 25, 2008

    I chose my (latest) sponsored child because she lives in Ethiopia and we are adopting from Ethopia. Lord willing, we will be able to see Marta when we travel there to pick up our newest addition to our family.

    Emanuel was our first sponsored child and he was chosen for us by Compassion.

    Marisol was chosen online and she had been on the waiting list for longer than 6 months. She had something about her that reminded me of my niece. In her photo, she had her hands on her hips. When I saw her, I thought–that girl is on a mission.

    Gacheri was chosen online and she had been on the waiting list longer than 6 months and was in an AIDS area. Her torn dress was falling off her small frame. Unlike Marisol, she looked reserved and sad.

    I’ve enjoyed getting to know all 4 of them and their personalities.

  65. Crystal October 25, 2008

    We visited South America last winter and just before we went, I followed the African bloggers tour. I knew we had to sponsor a child and so we chose a country that we’d soon be in. When I went to the website and typed in Brazil, Thayane’s picture was flagged because she’d been waiting a long time for a sponsor. So now she’s our special child, covered with prayers and some support!!

  66. Pat D October 25, 2008

    I learned of Compassion Internatonal at Compassion Sunday at our church last spring. I have five grown children and eleven grandchildren and have always loved children. Isn’t it wonderful that God’s love for us is limitless and He teaches us that our love for others need have no limits?
    I am 70 years old and chose my first sponsored child from the web site—a 14-year-old girl from Ecuador. My husband and I had a good friend who was an exchange student from Ecuador at his college and we have two 14-year-old granddaughters who I thought might also join my correspondence with this child. I also did not want her to be dropped from sponsorship if something happened to me and hoped they could continue it.
    As I learned more about the Compassion program, I continued to visit the website and looked particularly at older children who for whatever reason had lost their sponsors. Some would particularly touch my heart and I would pray especially for them. When I was able to sponsor again, I found they had been chosen by someone else. I had a mixed feeling of loss for me and joy that they had been sponsored. I continued this process and visited the blog often to learn more about Compassion. My next sponsored child is a lovely 18-year-old young lady in India. I also have an 18-year-old granddaughter in her first year of college. My latest sponsored child is a 7-year-old girl from El Salvadore who just captured my heart and turned out to have the same birthday of a granddaughter. I am sure her Mom will keep the sponsorship if something happens to me. I will continue with special prayers for particular children as well as all the children and sponsor again when I can.

  67. Ken M. October 25, 2008

    I chose my children because they are from Brazil. Brazil has one of my favorite cultures because of the mixing of Portuguese, African and Indian cultures.

    One child’s birthday was the same day as mine and he had speech difficulties which I could relate to since I stutter. Some of them had no father in the household. I could relate to that, too. Another child had a beautiful smile.

    A few times I had no intentions of sponsoring another child but then something inside of me would say “You’re supposed to sponsor him”. Then I would tell myself I can’t afford another one. After a few days of prayer and seeing that no one signed to sponsor him I’d sign up to sponsor.

  68. Amy October 25, 2008

    …because he and my preschool-aged son shared a birthday.

    I had received some Christmas money that I was able to put toward Peter’s sponsorship, but I also wanted our young son to learn about showing Jesus’ love to others, and I thought it would help him feel connected to Peter if they had the same birthday.

  69. Amy October 25, 2008

    I was drawn to the picture of my first sponsored child on the website because she had the same birthday as me. 🙂 As soon as I clicked on her picture, I knew she was the child God wanted me to sponsor. My second sponsored child was from Kenya, and I happened to be reading news stories in one tab of my browser and looking through the pictures of children waiting for sponsors in the other tab. I came across a story of a pastor who was shot in Kenya during the post-election violence while trying to protect a group of children, and I noticed that the incident had happened in the same city as the child whose picture I was looking at lived. For all I knew, she could have been one of the children with that pastor. I signed up to sponsor her that day, but unfortunately she didn’t return to the Compassion project after the post-election violence, and Compassion ended up discontinuing her sponsorship after a few months. My third sponsored child is the child Compassion picked out for me after my second child left the program.

  70. Prairie Rose October 25, 2008

    The first two were chosen for me by Compassion.

    The third I chose on behalf of my niece (waited six months for her too!) because they have the same birthdate.

    The fourth and fifth, it’s hard to say… God just drew me to them somehow and convinced me that I was supposed to choose them.

  71. Beth Ingersoll October 25, 2008

    because she was the the child in the packet my husband was given by friends at a concert 🙂

  72. Lindy October 25, 2008

    Whe our daughter was quite young, she had done chores around the house and for neighbors in order to be able to sponsor a girl named Naiga through Compassion. As children will do, both our daugher and Naiga grew up. Through watching our daugher’s friendship by mail with her Naiga, who was such a sweet child, we came to love her, too. We missed her so much after she was grown, that when a young girl named Naiga popped up on the Compassion website, my husband and I chose to sponsor her. She is a great joy and blessing to us!

  73. Ceri October 25, 2008

    Most of the children I sponsor were chosen for me by Compassion, but recently I have chosen some children to sponsor from the website… I chose them because of their names, e.g. Grace in Burkina Faso and Mercy in Ghana.

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