Coming Full Circle: The Anita Charles Story

christian inspirational stories Anita Charles is a wife, mom, software engineer and advocate for our ministry. What is also amazing about Anita? She is a former sponsored child!

You can also view Coming Full Circle: The Anita Charles Story on YouTube.

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  1. Rick Schluep October 1, 2012

    Anita’s story continues to impact so many lives and her faithfulness to God is lived out daily. What an amazing woman of God!

  2. Andy and Miranda September 30, 2012

    We were blessed to meet Anita at a local Compassion Advocates gathering a few years ago, so this video was a blessing for us to see! Thank you for sharing! We’d like to share this on our blog as well if that’s alright?

  3. Jeremy Vance September 19, 2012

    Several years ago I had the pleasure of volunteering for Compassion at a radio event in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Along with my friend DeAnn we sat quietly in the room, anxiously awaiting our next phone call. During a somewhat slow period in the day, I’ll never ever forget that surprised and joyful look that fell upon DeAnn’s face as she answered her next call. Much to her surprise, on the other end of the line was none other than Anita. Now you should know that at the time DeAnn served as the volunteer team leader (AC) for West Michigan – the ‘go-to’ person for all things volunteer. Anita asked DeAnn if she might be able to help connect her with someone in the volunteer network – in an effort to share her story and bless other children. At this point, DeAnn could not help but let out a big laugh, saying something to the effect of, “As God would have it, actually you are speaking to this person on the phone right now.” God can be funny like that. πŸ™‚ Bless you Anita for being faithful and sharing your story!

  4. Emily September 18, 2012


  5. Kalah September 18, 2012

    Thank you for your story! I sponsor girl from India and she just had a birthday on Monday!! I pray that one day she will be able to let people hear her story!! God is awesome!! Your story gives me hope as a sponsor!! Blessings!

  6. Juli Jarvis September 18, 2012

    Thank you so much for put this online in a way that we can share with others. I’m so pleased to have met Anita recently — what an amazing young woman!

  7. Anita Charles September 18, 2012

    Thanking Jesus for the depth of His riches…and how unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out! Rom 11:33.
    Thanking my sponsors Glenn and Linda Abernathy for listening to God’s nudging and sponsoring me.
    Thanking Compassion for making it happen!
    The end product is a fulfilled Christian Adult!
    May Gods name be praised….I’m forever grateful.

    1. Lizzie September 20, 2012

      Did you ever receive any letters? How did that affect you? Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is really awesome to see how God changes lives through Compassion. God bless you!

  8. Jill Foley ~ Compassion Family September 18, 2012

    Thank you for this. I have heard Anita share her story on an advocate call, and it was wonderful to be able to see her share it and learn even more about her life.

  9. Nancy Brooks September 18, 2012

    What a wonderful testimony of how a sponsored child can go from being the blessed to being the blessing to another child in need! I would love to hear more stories like this from other people that were sponsored as children.

  10. Irma September 18, 2012

    Great story…!

  11. Akang Akiba September 18, 2012


  12. Jo Anna Crawford September 18, 2012

    This warms my heart! What a wonderful testimony! May God continue to get the glory!

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