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Colors of Compassion

Is it possible for the corporate world to truly work with nonprofit organizations to effectively impact children in poverty [3]? Absolutely!!

colors-of-compassionSuch is the case with the recent partnership between DaySpring and Compassion. DaySpring has launched a new product line called “Colors of Compassion,” which will be used to help children [4] receive critical medical care in the countries where Compassion operates its ministry.

A percentage of product sales (i.e., 6 percent of net wholesale sales) will be donated to Compassion to help children in its programs receive medical treatment and immunizations that will improve their overall health condition. This is critical in the developing world, where so much disease and other health risks threaten children every day.

DaySpring’s relationship with Compassion represents a unique partnership between two organizations that recognize the mutual benefits of working together to help those in need around the world.

While the world of business is understandably focused on product development, customer purchasing behavior and financial profitability, occasionally a company comes along that sees the importance of giving back, and acts upon it. Yet not all philanthropy carries a return-on-investment as wonderful as the one that will be realized by DaySpring.

The bottom line in this case is saving children’s lives.

I’d love to see more businesses investigating what their impact on children could be by partnering with Compassion. Perhaps there are other businesses that could benefit from this type of bottom line!

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