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Commit This

More ‘fo from the FO-rum [3]

Commit this to memory. :-) It’s what we commit to, for you.

We commit to:

  1. teach and live out the Way of Christ, developing children into lifelong disciples of Jesus
  2. mobilize and equip the Church to be effective in ministry to children
  3. commit to continuous improvement in our program design and delivery
  4. engage with each child as active participants in their own development
  5. treat children and their families with dignity and respect
  6. design programs that support the family’s central role in raising children
  7. submit to the Word of God
  8. NOT compromise the centrality of Christ in our messages and programs
  9. create opportunities for you to live out your faith by ministering to children in poverty
  10. financial integrity
  11. use donations only for the purposes for which you gave them
  12. align our thoughts, motivations, attitudes and actions with the ethical principles found in God’s word
  13. tell the truth and communicate honestly [4] and openly, with no intent to deceive or mislead
  14. protect, develop and deploy all of our resources (people, time, money, knowledge, reputation and materials) as if they were “the widow’s mite”

There! They’re out.

Although they’re numbered, they’re not prioritized.

Help us rank ’em. We want to know what you feel is most important.

Give us your top one, two or three and we’ll calculate the product of your priorities.