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Crisis Updates: Subcribe to a Compassion RSS Feed

Crisis UpdatesHey blog friends, resident Crisis Lady [3] here, checking in and letting you know about a cool new feature on compassion.com that helps you stay informed about what’s going on in your sponsored child’s country.

We now have country-specific RSS feeds!

In other words, you can easily subscribe [4] to information for each country where you sponsor a child [5], and then every time we publish something new, you will automatically be notified!

For instance …

Let’s say you sponsor a child in Haiti. Like me. You can subscribe to a feed specifically for crisis updates from Haiti.

If you want to receive crisis updates for all our countries, you can subscribe to the main crisis update feed.

And that’s not all! We also have feeds specifically for the Child Survival Program and the Leadership Development Program, as well as our press releases.

Subscribe to a Compassion feed [4]. And happy RSS-ing! Make it a feeding frenzy. :-)