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Critique Our New Blog Design

compassion-blog The time has come — and some would say it’s way overdue — for our blog to get a new look. But not just a new look, a better design — one that is more intuitive to navigate and makes it easier for you to find the older content you’re interested in.

The new look will debut tomorrow during the day, and we’ll be troubleshooting any problems throughout the day.

There may be times on Friday when the blog isn’t available, but other than that, please let us know if you find anything wrong with the new site (e.g., broken links, screwed-up formatting, things that don’t work like you expect them to, etc.).

We won’t be publishing a fresh new post until after the Memorial Day weekend. Please use the weekend, in between scarfing down your hamburgers, watching your sports, and splashing around at the pool, to poke around the site a bit. Then let us know what you think of the new design. Is it better or worse? What features do you like best? What did we miss including?

We did have a limited budget to work with, so we didn’t get to do everything we wanted. But we think we got the most important things taken care of — the stuff you’ve told us about previously.

To thank you for your help with the troubleshooting and for making this blog a success to begin with, we’ll be giving away some free stuff next week once the rollout is complete.

We’ll randomly pick winners from the comments we receive on this post — comments that point out issues we need to fix or that talk about what’s good and/or bad about the design.

Prizes on tap include:

And one final thing, but on a different note:

We encourage you to read through the comments on Three Things All Sponsors Should Know [3]; several of our country staff have added their thoughts on this topic.

We’ve gotten input from East Indonesia, Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil, East India and the Philippines. The thoughts in the post itself are good, too, so you should read that if you haven’t. :-)