Equipping the church We’ve been talking about our holistic child development model, and we did it with a series of posts called 10 Questions. But the questions are done now, other than this one. Got 10 minutes for a video?

It’s called Equipping the Church, and it explains our partnership with the local … anyone? … church. That’s right!

Who better to partner with when releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name than the local church? That’s a rhetorical question y’all. We said we’re done with the questions.

The local congregations are catalysts for community change. They command the resources and respect that are critical in developing the children in their communities. They make Compassion work.

You can also view this Equipping the Church video on YouTube.

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  1. Apr 7, 2008
    at 9:41 am

    I love this video! I used it in a presentation in a church-staff meeting, in January, and found it very effective. One of the pastors (and the one designated to replace the current senior pastor when he retires) and his family sponsored two children; he also showed “God’s Mandate…” during a sermon a few weeks later, and promises to invite me to set up a table, “sometime.” I know that he wants to be more familiar with Compassion before promoting it, which is fine with me.

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