Remember my story about how much it blessed me to spend time with Richmond? Well, guess what – that opportunity is knocking FOR YOU!

As part of our Moody Scholarship program, the students have opportunities to speak at various events throughout the country. (If you’ve ever had the chance to hear them, then blessed are you! If you haven’t – I hope you have an opportunity soon.)

Summertime is especially busy for our young speakers because they have a break from school and because summer is when many events and festivals occur.

Anyway, the challenge we face this summer is to find housing for the students. We’re collecting contact information for folks who want to help by hosting one of these amazing Leadership Development Program graduates.

If you are interested in hosting a student during the summer or during an upcoming school break, or even just being a friend to them while they are studying at Moody, please e-mail me at I expect we will have two students to host for the entire summer and, hopefully, three students for a few weeks at the end of the summer.

We prefer that you live in Colorado Springs or Denver because we want the students to be close to our Global Ministry Center in Colorado Springs, but if we can’t find help in our area, then we’ll have to find help somewhere else! :-)

As I mentioned before – everything with the Moody Scholarship program is brand new, so we have a lot of learning to do and lots of ground to break! Please consider this your formal invitation to grab a shovel and help us break some ground.

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  1. Mike Stephens
    Mar 13, 2009
    at 7:33 am


    I am an advocate and was able to visit the child I sponsor in Nicaragua last year on the Nicaragua Sponsor Tour 2008!!! I am also all paid for the 2009 Philippines Sponsor Tour in June!!! I am currently living with my parents as I seek work, but our house has 2 empty bedrooms b/c both my sisters are now married and gone. They would be welcome to stay as long as needed. We live about 5 miles from Compassion close to the Chapel Hills mall. I will have to check with my parents and let them know a little more of the details but if you need a place any if not all of them are more than WELCOME to stay as long as needed. If I can be used let me know the details so I can double check with my parents and let them know. I spend most of my day at 24-hr fitness and looking for work. I told one of the boys I sponsor in the Philippines that wants to be a basketball player that I will dunk a basketball with 2 hands when I visit. I am getting close!!! I also want to be a professional triathlete so I do a decent amount of swimming at 24-hr fitness there on North Academy. Thanks for the invitation to host, I hope we can be of HELP!!! Mike Stephens.

  2. Mike Stephens
    Mar 13, 2009
    at 1:24 pm

    Thank you Chris!!!

    This is “Awesome God” in Kirundi I love watching it, it encourages, it doesn’t hurt that “Awesome God” is my all-time favorite song originally sung by Rich Mullins!!! I bet over 100 views if not more are from me!!!

  3. Mike Stephens
    Mar 13, 2009
    at 1:28 pm


    I know work at Compassion may seem overwhelming at times if you or Celina needs an “assistant” or maybe someone to do some work feel free to give me a call or email!!! Or anyone else you know for that matter!!! 😉 I have applied a few times (even for Vice-President) and heard that the bookstore may have an opening in July which I hope to apply for when I return from the “dunk contest” I hope to complete in the Philippines!!! Either way thanks for the Blog I love seeing the updates!!!

    • Mar 13, 2009
      at 2:34 pm

      Hey Mike, thanks for the offer. :-) Glad to have you reading and participating too.

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