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Free Hat, If You Share Your @

Free hat Oooo! Aaaah! Isn’t this Compassion cap positively divine?

You can have one, if you want.

Just share your Twitter @ with us. Or your Facebook URL.

Your MySpace URL is good too.

Got a blog? That URL is welcome here.

And if you don’t have any of that? Just leave a comment.

On Monday, we’ll randomly select one person, from below, to receive our ultra magnificent and incredibly stylish dome enhancer. It works with all types of noggins, or so the tag claims.

And we’re pretty sure that this blue beauty doesn’t care if you have a head full of hair or not.

We’re sorry that we can’t pony up a MacBook Pro like #moonfruit, or some other groovy tech gadget, but there’s a lot of tax law mumbo jumbo that seriously constrains our non-profit fun. Sadness.