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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions. Ever have any?

Ever have any about Compassion? Maybe not, but others sure do.

This is a common one that our phone center representatives hear a lot.

Fortunately for you we’re not just giving you the question, here is the answer as told to us by those very same folks on the phone.

ugandan-children-during-Bible-study [3]Compassion does not provide formal schooling for the children. Many children may attend the local government school. When needed, part of the $32 for sponsorship goes towards paying for the child’s school fees such as books or uniforms.

The children do attend the Compassion child development center for a variety of activities. The Compassion development center may enhance what the child is learning in school and it focuses on the most important areas of growth while promoting life skills.

Many people think Compassion provides official schooling like a private school, but we don’t. And now ya know.

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We have a list of frequently asked questions [3] you may be interested in, but if you’re not interested in traveling over to compassion.com to read them, stay tuned because we’ll be highlighting some more right here.