My Best Day in Ministry: Fruits of Our Labor

Fruits of our labor Spiritually speaking, some of us plant seeds, some water, some are the sun, but we all get to taste the fruits of our labor sometimes.


Editor’s note: The audio begins after 10 seconds.

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  1. Marci in MO July 24, 2009


    Thank you so much for your testimony for the work that you do at Compassion. It reinforces the fact when we are obedient to God and have a sincere desire to work with Him in any area of service, that He will do a wonderous work. Sometimes what he doing is revealed to us and sometimes not; but we know He is working. Thank you again for sharing; it encourages me to continue serving the Lord through Compassion, as a Sponsor and as an Advocate.

  2. Mike Stephens July 23, 2009

    Right on! Keep up the GREAT work

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