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What Does Your Sponsored Child Want to Know About You?

getting to know How many of us sit in front of a blank computer screen or sheet of paper wondering what to share with our sponsored child? What do you say or not say? What would he or she be interested in knowing?

A group of older children in Ethiopia were asked, “What do you want to know about your sponsor?”

What do you think of their questions below?

The gospel of the kingdom of heaven is spreading rapidly in my country. How is it in your country? — Addisu, age 20

What is the name of the church you go to? — Birhanemeskel, age 15

What do you do for a living? — Desalegn, age 13

What motivated you to sponsor me? Who influenced you to make this decision? — Yabsira, age 18

Contemplating what to share in a sponsor letter.

From the Bible, which story do you like the most? — Ashenafi, age 12

What is your view about women’s equality? — Weineshet, age 13

What is your favorite food? — Aynalem, age 10

What are the names of your children? — Temesgen, age 10

Do you have any knowledge of our cultural food called doro wot? — Lidya, age 9

Questions compiled by field communications staff member Eldad Girma.