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Got Any Great Fundraising Ideas?

great fundraising ideas As we begin to say farewell to 2010, many of us are thinking back on what we’ve done for our sponsored kids over the past year. We’ve written letters, sent cards, mailed in family gifts, and participated in the Compassion blog.

Some of us became Advocates. Others traveled far and wide, visiting our children in person.

But many of us are still looking for our place in this ministry. Many of us feel a pull on our hearts and we’ve prayed for an opportunity to do more for children in need [3]. We have talents and gifts. We are ready to bring them to the table.

I have a suggestion.

I’ve become inspired by the stories of ordinary, everyday people who, with nothing more than an idea and some elbow grease, organized events and brought in funds for children in poverty [4]:

If you are reaching for that next level of involvement in Compassion’s program, I challenge you to find your opportunity in the area of fundraising.

We have this spot where we can share our fundraising ideas and experiences. Bake sales, aluminum can drives, Compassion parties, golf tournaments, lemonade stands — this is the place to bring it.

If you’ve organized an event already, please share what you did. What worked? What didn’t work? What would you do differently?

By simply posting, you are doing something for the children. You are offering information that may inspire others to great heights. And children in need will reap the benefits.