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We Want You to Write Guest Blog Posts for Us

For almost four years we’ve been talking to you about our ministry and children in poverty [3]. During that time, one of the most common questions we’ve gotten is, “How can I get more involved?”

We’re constantly looking for opportunities you can connect with, that allow you to respond to the desire the Lord has placed on your hearts to get involved on behalf of children in poverty.

Here is one option we hope you find compelling: writing a guest blog post.

Consider this an open invitation, one you can take advantage of as often as you like.

It’s time for you to take the stage. Your perspective is valuable. We want to learn from you. And we want to be challenged by you.

If you’re interested in writing a guest blog post, we are happy to consider publishing it. We’re looking specifically for posts that do at least one of the following:

  1. Provide a unique insight into the lives of children in poverty.
  2. Detail specific experiences with our programs and ministry.
  3. Call people to take action on behalf of children in poverty.
  4. Teach others about Christ’s heart for children and/or the poor.
  5. Encourage others into a deeper relationship with Christ through service to children and/or the poor.
  6. Promote understanding of cultural differences between the developing world and developed countries, and how these differences play out in the fight against extreme poverty.
  7. Explore different examples of spiritual, physical, social and economic poverty in our lives and/or the lives of children in poverty.
  8. Redefine what is possible in the fight against poverty when we follow Christ.
  9. Examine God’s leading in your life in relation to children in poverty.
  10. Challenge people to engage deeply in their sponsorship.

Beyond this and a few other simple guidelines [4], you have a great deal of flexibility in writing guest blog posts.

Let us know what questions you have. We look forward to reviewing your posts.