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They Missed the Story

haiti today I was disappointed last night when I turned on my favorite network news program — only to see a very sparse amount of coverage on the one-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake. With nothing more than a 20-second voice-over, the network anchor said, (paraphrasing here):

“It’s been one year since that massive earthquake that killed over 230,000 people in Haiti. One year later, it looks like little has changed. Hundreds of thousands are still living in tent cities … in squalor …”


This was one of the worst natural disasters in human history. Millions of people affected. An entire nation shaken. The world captivated. And there was barely a mention on the anniversary. But, I think, perhaps what disappoints me most is the stories they missed. They missed the progress that’s been made. They missed the lives transformed. They missed the Church stepping up and being the Church in Haiti. They missed organizations like Compassion International making a difference. And, perhaps, most importantly, they missed the story of hope.

One year after the quake, they missed hope.

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