He Will Deliver Us

learning about jesus I was born into a Christian family in 1976. My parents used to tell me how Jesus Christ gave His life for us and how we received salvation by His blood.

However, in childhood it was tough for me to understand such a hard word, salvation. I was recognized by my community as a “Christian” because my family was Christian, but I knew I could not be because it was all too much for me to understand.

In Sunday school and church, I learned many things about Jesus and heard the beautiful and amazing stories about Jesus’ work in this world.

Bit by bit, I was coming to know about the Christ. As I was growing up, my faith was becoming firm. When I received Christ as my personal Savior with my full knowledge and full heart, then I recognized myself as a Christian.

In 1991, I was baptized in water and the Holy Spirit. After that, I felt some change inside me, change that I cannot explain in my speech. I felt in my spirit that I have a good friend in Jesus Christ. Moreover, that He is good all the time.

Sometimes, as human beings, we fall into distress and depression. However, when this happens to me I come to God and say a prayer to Him.

I read this verse from the Bible whenever I fall into any trouble, and I know God can rescue me:

And call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me. — Psalm 50:15, NIV

The children are crying in our country. They need the light to survive in this world. They need the gospel; that gospel will be the light in their future. It is good to serve the Christ through children, because the kingdom of God belongs to children.

Therefore, we have to keep the blessings alive through our service and scatter God’s words into their tender minds. Let the children come to the kingdom of God! I have committed to serve the Christ by bringing little ones to Him.

May God bless you all!

Prayer: We pray for our children in Bangladesh who are helpless, wandering the streets, foodless, insecure. Please help us to spread our hands to them, to help them survive in the image of God.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Samuel Bala provides high-level guidance to our partnership facilitators in Bangladesh to ensure quality, holistic child development.

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  1. Jan Crossett January 11, 2012

    I join you, Samuel, in praying for the children of your country, that the Kingdom of God may be theirs. I also thank Him for the work that you and the other Compassion staff so diligently and sacrificially perform and for allowing me the opportunity to meet you great individuals in October, 2011, and observe the wonderful ministry that is occurring there. May God move mightily in Bangladesh!

  2. Angelica Perez Allende January 9, 2012

    And call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me. — Psalm 50:15, NIV . I had forgotten about this powerful promise and redescovering today was a gift for me. Remembering that He is able, that He will deliver me from evil and that deliverance will give Him the honor; will confirm that He is in control, that He is God. Thank you my dear brother for this beautiful devotional and for your commitment in bringing little ones to Christ. God give you strength and wisdom to do so.

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